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700 hectares shrink on Lantau Tomorrow | Local Research Agency

by drbyos

Carrie Lam is here today #星岛 Interview Officially announced the latest #得意谂法#Tomorrow Phase 2 (700 hectares) artificial island project will be “#寿完正睡“,” means “slowly first…the next day and then the next day”, which means that tomorrow Lantau will be reduced by 40% from 1,700 hectares to 1,000 hectares.

Actually released recently #香港2030+ The updated version has clues. By 2048, it only predicts that Lantau will add 1,000 hectares of land tomorrow, which is basically consistent with the 700 hectares of “don’t do it” today.

Doing half and not doing half is really proud of the Fa, but I mentioned that tomorrow Lantau will be invincible. “#上乘投资“Well, what about both the investment plan and the shrinking of the investment plan? The latest is that the New Territories North is “must make a profit.” According to this logic, why don’t you make all the land and properties sold together to make you laugh?

In terms of cost-effectiveness alone, the artificial island has shrunk by 40%, making the Lantau Project tomorrow even less so-called. If the 100 billion infrastructure is completed, but the sea is half filled, it will be even more unreasonable and even more difficult to support.

Of course, the artificial island plan itself is superfluous. It is too much to fill up for storage in the near future. In the long-term plan, an additional 1,100 hectares (total 4100 hectares) will be added to the long-term land requirement (2600 ha-3000 ha). Sun, let’s not talk about the fact that there are many economic land needs for microphones. The figures reveal that even the first phase (1,000 hectares) of Lantau tomorrow is not even available, and the long-term land supply is more than enough.

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Today’s interview stated that because Lantau tomorrow is a “vision”, it does not mean that it must be done, nor does it mean that it must not be done. After a long period of time and then change the leadership, the original words must be done, and will there be new ideas, so that tomorrow, Lantau, Lam Cheng’s flagship project, will be unfinished again as it was in the 1980s?

It must be reminded that the official consultation time on Lantau tomorrow will not start until next year. Yijia Lam Cheng is already anxious to say what and not to do on Lantau tomorrow. Basically, he has announced the end of the fake consultation game early.

But in any case, it can be seen that Hong Kong’s land policy has entered a period of total turmoil, gameplay has changed, and various “visions” have become very large at any time.


#Against Lantau Tomorrow

Reference materials:

Sing Tao Interview: Tomorrow’s Lantau Island Phase II 700 hectares Lam Cheng: Lam slowly first


[Lantau will become irrelevant tomorrow under the trend of the Northern New Territories]


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