7-Eleven joins hands with JS 100 to bring Alzheimer’s patients home

7-Eleven 6,105 branches across Bangkok and its vicinity joined forces with JS 100 and partners to join forces to bring Alzheimer’s patients back home. Found a lost person wearing a Forget Me Not pin to be delivered to a 7-Eleven store. to coordinate relatives or an officer who takes them back to their family

Mr. Wichai Chanjariyakul Managing Director (Co) of CP All Public Company Limited, 7-Eleven and 7-Delivery executives revealed that 7-Eleven has joined forces with Pacific Corporation Co., Ltd. (JS.100) Dementia Association of Thailand Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University and partners To spread the Forget Me Not flower symbol, representing Alzheimer’s patients, to be aware of the society. And most recently, knowledge and understanding have been provided to staff at 6,105 branches across Bangkok and its vicinity in taking care of primary patients. To be a point of support and coordination in case Alzheimer’s patients are found to be lost and returned safely to their families.

“At present, 6,105 7-Eleven stores in Bangkok and its vicinity are ready to be coordinating points for patient referrals. In the event that the public sees a stray patient, which can be observed from the Forget Me Not flower pin on the shirt, the patient can be brought to the store. Which our staff will help take care of the preliminary and coordinate with Jor Sor Sor 100 for relatives or officials to come and pick him up.”

Currently, Thailand has stepped into an aging society. There are nearly 1 million people with dementia, and the number increases by almost 100,000 people every year. This disease cannot be cured. understanding is required and have a system to support welfare, well-being, good safety so that patients can still live happily in society

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“Seven-Eleven as a convenience store that lives alongside the community and society. We are happy to play a part in strengthening the community. according to the organization’s aspiration to create and share opportunities with each other that has always adhered Coming to help care for Alzheimer’s patients not only gives patients the opportunity to have a better quality of life, but also reduces the anxiety of caregivers in the event of unexpected events. Our employees are ready to provide patient care with willingness and understanding. just as we serve our customers and help take care of the surrounding communities,” added Mr. Wichai.

However, if the general public finds a patient with Alzheimer’s dementia wearing a Forget Me Not stray pin, they can scan the QR Code on the pin themselves as well. which will appear as a direct phone number of JS 100 to be able to connect immediately to notify the number specified on the brooch in coordination with relatives or an officer to pick up


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