7 comfortable and cool summer haircuts

“The keys that best define the hair trends for next summer 2022 are cuts with a marked French accent, loaded bangs and lots of waves”says the stylist Edward Sanchez of the Maison that bears his name. And it is that, now women bet on more relaxed and natural styles, “although without giving up modernity and glamour”, says the stylist. But above all, we look for comfortable, fresh, natural and modern cuts. “Without a doubt, we are looking for a look that does not make us waste time with combs and dryers.”

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The Pixie has been living its golden age for several seasons. He now comes in a mixie version, which is the result of the fusion between the cut pixie and the mullet. Namely, a short look in the purest pixie style, but with the rear locks much longer and disheveled, in a clear nod to the mullet cut”Edward comments.

Who does it feel good? The best thing about this cut is that it suits all hair types and textures. And being a more relaxed and less radical version, it is easier to dare. Although Eduardo points out: “It works very well on straight, wavy and even curly hair! And, although it is a risky bet, it favors a lot.”


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Nourished and shiny curls

Curly hair triumphed in the 80s and 90s with a perm, and now it seems to be experiencing a revival. Many, now regretting having subjected their natural curls to keratins, Brazilian straightening and irons, want to give it back the spotlight. All types of curls are allowed “From the most relaxed curl to the Afro. Curly hair has arrived with force to shake up beauty salons”says the stylist. A piece of advice: the best trick to show them off is “make a cut that plays in favor of curl and the features of each one.” And something else: curly hair tends to be drier, frizzy and has little shine, to solve these problems “es Good hydration is essential using specific products, such as serums, oils and everything that keeps the curl well nourished.”

Who does it feel good? To all those who want to have a fresh, natural and powerful appearance. But, above all, if you want to recover that natural loop that came out when you were little or that seems to be reborn with the humidity of the beach.

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Bi-Bob with waves

It is the most viewed cut on social networks. “It is a French-inspired haircut that reaches the height of the middle of the neck or to the jaw, but with a silhouette marked by waves”, describes the expert. One trick: this haircut looks even better the day after you wash your hair or after applying dry shampoo. Keep that in mind.

Who does it feel good? Experts consider it to be the best haircut for people over 40 because it is a youthful, modern, comfortable and fresh haircut. And it flatters any type of face: round, square, oval… In addition, it is easy to maintain by simply using some foam.

7 haircuts that will be a trend this summer


Airy Blunt Bob

This is the iconic blunt bob. “It is an alternative to the classic bob, less forceful, and with much more movement”, defines Eduardo Sánchez. In fact, it is the king cut of the Beyonce effect. That is, as if they were focusing on you with a fan all the time. A trick: “The secret to this bolder version of the bob lies in shedding excess weight while keeping an element of softness within the forceful lines.”

Who does it feel good? It can be adapted to all face types and hair textures. If you have thick hair, you will have to reduce the weight of the hair to obtain the desired movement. And if you have it thin, it should be the same length at all angles. Mind you, a texturizing spray will give you that airy, light look.

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Micro Bobs

It is the shorter version of the bob. “It is an ideal alternative for the most daring because it reaches the height of the cheekbone. In some cases, a little more; between the nose and the mouthaccording to Edward. A trick: You should hardly wear layers and the nape should be well unloaded to avoid producing the dreaded ‘prince of Beukelaer effect’.

Who does it feel good? “Combines perfectly with the smoothest and finest hair”according to the stylist. It is also ideal for long faces and small features, since by providing natural volume, it rounds out.

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Along with bobs, bangs will continue to be the star hair accessory for medium length hair and longer hair, says Eduardo Sánchez. In fact, “They will coexist in perfect harmony: both the side bangs or the absolutely flattering curtain bangs, open in the middle and blended with the rest of the hair on the sides, for the less daring; like the longest and most forceful versions that reach almost to the eyes and that frame the face like few others, for the most daring.”

Who does it feel good? To all. It’s a matter of personalizing it and finding the fringe that best suits the shape of your face: square, round, elongated… “It is a complement that can be added to any haircut”says the stylist.

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XL Melenas

Along with medium hair and bob cuts, long hair breaks in with force, although it is true that the Rapunzel effect continues to have its most loyal audience among the youngest. How do they get? “The most extreme lengths, with minimal layers and textured ends will be a constant this summer. But they will coexist with long layered hair, in the purest style of the top of the 90s, which will add movement and three-dimensionality “Edward assures. An immediate way to add centimeters to your hair is by resorting to extensions: you have clip-ins (they are removable and ideal if you regret it), sewn, adhesive, stapled and keratin.

Who do they feel good about? This look, somewhat reminiscent of girls who leave their hair long for their first communion, rejuvenates and softens the face, especially if you wear it with a parting in the middle.

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