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676 new… Secondary vaccinations from today’self-price exemption’

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〈Photo = Yonhap News〉

The number of confirmed cases of Corona 19 in Korea rose to 600 again in three days.

As of today (5th) 0 o’clock, there are 676 new cases. There are 135 more than the previous day’s count.

Among the new confirmed cases, 651 cases occurred in Korea. There were confirmed cases in 16 provinces nationwide excluding Sejong.

By region, there were 234 in Seoul, 162 in Gyeonggi, and 16 in Incheon, with 412 in the metropolitan area. That’s 63% overall.

There were 239 (37%) confirmed cases in the non-metropolitan area. Infection is spreading throughout the region, with 48 in Gangwon, 38 in Gyeongbuk, 26 in Gyeongnam, 22 in Busan, 21 in Ulsan, and 18 in Daejeon.

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The number of foreign inflows is 25. 12 were confirmed during the quarantine stage and 13 during self-quarantine after entering the country.

The number of people with severe gastric disorders and deaths increased significantly throughout the day.

The number of patients with severe gastric disorders increased by 11 to 173.

Seven more deaths were added. To date, 1,847 people have lost their lives from Corona 19 (fatality rate of 1.48%).

The cumulative number of COVID-19 vaccine vaccinations exceeded 3.53 million.

Yesterday, 62,507 people completed the first dose. The total number of primary vaccinations was 353,14.

The number of secondary vaccinations increased by 31,159 to 288,192.

〈Photo = Yonhap News〉〈Photo = Yonhap News〉

Starting today, those who have completed vaccination in Korea are exempt from the obligation to self-isolate.

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Even if you come into contact with a confirmed person, you will receive a negative test on the diagnostic test and do not need to self-isolate if there are no suspected symptoms of COVID-19.

Even if you travel abroad, you will be excluded from self-isolation. The exceptions are cases from countries where the mutant virus is prevalent.

However, even those who have completed the vaccination must follow the quarantine rules.

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