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668 new confirmations… “Free inspection for anyone on the 4th pandemic crossroads”

by drbyos

The number of new confirmed cases of Corona 19 rose to 600 again a day. This is the first time since January 10 that there have been 600 confirmed cases in Korea, and the quarantine authorities decided to provide free diagnostic tests to all the people, saying they were at a crossroads in the 4th pandemic.

This is Park Soo-jin.


Yesterday (6th) there were 668 confirmed cases of Corona 19.

Among the new confirmed cases, 653 were domestic outbreaks, excluding 15 foreign inflows, and the number of domestic patients exceeding 600 was 87 days after the third epidemic was in progress.

413 people in the metropolitan area and 240 people in the non-metropolitan area were infected, and group infections are continuing, mainly in everyday spaces such as workplaces, churches, and entertainment facilities.

The number of confirmed cases related to the sister church circuit meeting was added to 37, increasing to 201 in 12 cities and provinces, and the number of confirmed cases of group infections started at the Daejeon tutoring academy also increased to 61.

With the increase in the amount of travel in spring, infections caused by personal contact are also increasing, and the government diagnosed it as a crossroads of the 4th pandemic.

[윤태호/중수본 방역총괄반장 : 좀 더 상황을 지켜봐야 하겠으나, 4차 유행이 본격화되는 가능성이 차츰 커지고 있습니다. 방역의 긴장감을 다시 높여야 할 때입니다.]

The government said it would allow anyone to receive free diagnostic tests at any public health center, regardless of symptoms, to find hidden sources of infection.

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Yesterday, 37,000 people received the first dose of the Corona 19 vaccine a day, and the cumulative number of inoculations reached 10,399,66.

The number of reports of adverse reactions after vaccination was added yesterday to 11,215 cases a day. I’m doing it.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety decided to approve the product, saying that the safety and preventive effect of the Janssen vaccine is recognized.

The Janssen vaccine is the only vaccine that has been confirmed to be introduced in Korea that requires only one shot.


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