$ 60,000 fine for feeding bears

A woman from Whistler, British Columbia, thought she was doing the right thing by feeding bears. However, she learned the hard way – and the animals – that it was a bad idea. Last month, a judge ordered her to pay a fine of $ 60,000, Global News reports.

During the summer of 2018, Zuzana Stevikova distributed food on a weekly basis to a few bears in the area.

However, this habit has caused some of its mammals to develop an addiction to human food. A mother bear and her two cubs had to be shot by wildlife officers.

According to some witnesses, up to five animals were seen at the same time on the land of the lady.

The latter bought a large amount of food each week, including 10 cases of apples, 50 pounds of carrots and pears, and several dozen eggs.

Zuzana Stevikova found the bears skinny and cared about their fate. The British Columbia resident is also a vegan because of her love of animals. Since 2015, she has donated nearly $ 20,000 to various animal shelters and organizations.

Despite all the good intentions of the accused, the judge recalled that her motivations did not excuse her gesture, recalling that the safety instructions related to bears were widely publicized in the region.

“There were direct repercussions on the fauna, since his gesture caused the death of a female and her two children”, explained the judge.


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