600 years of Petrinum in Recklinghausen: rulers and wars survived

The Petrinum celebrated its 600th birthday with a big ceremony on the weekend. A minister was also there.

“Once a Petrine, always a Petrine” – this guiding principle got around to the Minister for Schools and Education of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Yvonne Gebauer. As part of a ceremony to mark the 600th anniversary of the Petrinum grammar school in the auditorium, the minister praised the educational institution’s exemplary corona protection concept and the cooperation between teachers, students and parents who tackle important projects hand in hand. “I admire this community and realize that the Petrinum really has every single one in mind. It offers education for everyone, ”says Gebauer.

The district president Dorothee Feller from Münster was one of the high-ranking guests, who also praised the corona protection concept that the Petrinum has developed. “Numerous schools have taken your concept as a model. You deserve respect ”, says the Dorstenerin. Corona has shown that there is no substitute for social interaction and direct exchange between teachers and students. As a community, the Petrinum mastered these difficulties with creativity and commitment.

“I have a connection to your educational institution, even if it’s just the name of the school. I spent my school days at the Petrinum in Dorsten, ”the district president continued. Mayor Christoph Tesche granted the birthday child a special honor. He wore the chain of office that he only wears on special occasions. “I don’t wear these often because I don’t want to inflate,” said the mayor. The Petrinum has left a great impact in 600 years and has defied the various challenges of time and adversity: witch hunts, pandemics, various rulers, wars. Founded as a Latin school, it played a central role in the educational landscape.

Part of the soul of Recklinghausen

Recklinghausen received city rights 785 years ago. As an educational institution, the Petrinum formed the foundation for 600 years. “The Petrinum is part of the soul of our city,” said Tesche.

The mayor presented the headmaster Michael Rembiak with a photograph of the original founding document of the Petrinum from 1421 as thanks and recognition. Headmaster Michael Rembiak praised the cooperation between the Recklinghausen inner-city high schools and made it clear that it is important to cut off old braids, to question the paths that have been trodden and to be open to ideas. Schools must provide orientation, but should not put fundamental values ​​up for discussion in times when certain currents are questioning fundamental principles.

Auxiliary Bishop Rolf Lohmann explained that the Petrinum succeeded in balancing change, change and tradition. “Humanistic education and Christian values ​​play a big role in your school,” said the clergyman. Heike Waterfeld, headmistress at Freiherr-vom-Stein-Gymnasium, gave a greeting for the Recklinghausen schools. “We rummaged through our archives and found a city map from 1870 that called the Petrinum and the monastery church an outstanding building. We will give you a copy, ”said Waterfeld. After a solemn church service ushered in the anniversary day, the birthday ended with a colorful summer party in the evening.


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