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June 23,The Tencent Advertising Mutual Selection Platform team jointly released the “2022H1 Video Account Mutual Selection Platform Outstanding Creator Award” in conjunction with the WeChat video accountthe awards focus on seven vertical categories of photography, fashion, tourism, life, technology, automobiles and finance, and selected 35 outstanding content creators from the four dimensions of content quality, business order data, vertical advantages, and cooperation depth.

No matter from the creative side or the brand side, the brand marketing of video accounts shows a trend of rapid growth, and “one micro one account” is becoming a new standard for marketing. In order to explore the commercialization ecology of video account content,Baizhun and Tencent Advertising Mutual Selection Platform (hereinafter referred to as “Mutual Selection Platform”) jointly produced, through the “Dialogue Mutual Selection of Creators” columnto discuss with the industry the methods and opportunities for commercializing video account content.

In this issue, we talked to the trader behind the video account “Real Curly Hair”, the founder of Xiaoyu Interactive, Grandpa Xiaocao.


The public account is for addition, and the video account is for multiplication

Curly hair often uses readily available props to take very atmospheric photos in life scenes, which are fashionable, energetic and funny, and have gained many young and fashionable user fans.

Curly is a fashion blogger incubated by Xiaoyu Interactive from scratch. There are currently 5 members in the group, including talent, director, photography editor and operation.

In addition to short videos, “Shenzhen Microtime” under Xiaoyu Interactive is the top local life public account in Shenzhen. “Food Exploring” and “Buy Buy Can Buy” are also deeply involved in vertical fields such as food and fashion.

In June 2021, “Real Curly Hair” was founded, and the Xiaoyu team conducted an in-depth analysis,Including the account’s personality, content positioning, the overall framework of the video, the topic selection and script of daily video content, and even the BGM of the video. In less than 6 months, “Real Curly Hair” received the first commercialized content cooperation.

Success comes from the foreshadowing of predecessors.

In 2019, Xiaocao and the team tested short videos. Although they got a perfect start, the data of the follow-up works are very unstable, and the data of the works that fluctuate high and low is difficult for the brand to trust.

In those three years, the team lost nearly 20 million yuan, and even Xiaocao thought that “according to normal logic, it should have been given up long ago”, but as a content company, short video is an inevitable direction.The important thing is to choose the platform that suits you and the style of play that suits your own characteristics.

From the official account to the video account,“The link of graphic and text is relatively simple and can be added, while short video is a multiplication”Xiaocao believes that the difficulty and uncertainty of the two are not of the same order of magnitude.

“No matter how good the script is, if the blogger can’t express it, it will be discarded; no matter how good the blogger is, if the editing aesthetics is not good, it will also be discarded; no matter how good the aesthetics, if the direction is wrong, and the commercialization is not good, it will also be discarded. There are too many reasons for failure, and we have stepped on a lot of pits.”

In the end, Xiaocao still figured out a pattern that belongs to them,Concentrate resources to incubate bloggers one by one, and supplement the ability according to the characteristics of different peoplethere are more than ten high-quality bloggers such as curly hair.

The explosion of curly hair mainly comes from two types of content, one is the topic point, and the other is the level of dry goods. “When a video has content worth discussing, it is easy to drive the playback data of the video itself. In addition, if the video can solve a problem that has been bothering everyone for a long time, or the content is very practical, it is more likely to explode. .” The interaction rate has risen, and the data will naturally improve.


Create a private domain, let the account take off faster

From the official account to the video account, Xiaoyu Interactive is consistent in the layout of vertical categories, including local life and shopping, beauty, life, comics, etc.

From the user’s point of view, both brands and creators need to pay extremely high costs to gain user recognition and further establish value recognition and trust.

Thanks to local life and vertical public accounts such as “Shenzhen Microtime” and “Food Exploration”, Xiaoyu Interactive has retained users, established a private domain, and laid the foundation for the rapid start of the video account.

“The scale of our private domain is actually not large, with hundreds of thousands of users, but almost all users actively add friends”these users become seed users.

In WeChat,If the content meets the needs of torrent users, you can slowly find more right users (through the user’s social network). The feedback here is positive, and it is also the importance of the private domain.

Xiaocao told Baizhun that many girls especially like to share their photo tips with their best friends, and also @her friends in the comments. In their opinion, this is social communication.

All short video platforms need to be socialized, and video accounts have an advantage. The video account has scenes such as circle of friends, WeChat group, friend chat, public account, and applet, and its recommendation mechanism is also based on these social scenes.

The content of “Really Curly” can greatly take advantage of social communication, so,“Curly hair is relatively better in the video number.”

In private domain scenarios, users tend to contribute higher value.“Many fans are very willing to follow bloggers and pay for some good products. We will also do secondary promotion of products in the circle of friends and fan groups to bring more transactions.”

From the perspective of commercialization, brand resources can be reused, and customer recognition and trust have been formed, and institutions or individuals with compound content capabilities in the same field obviously have greater commercial value.

Xiaocao said that last year began to receive cooperation from the mutual selection platform, and currently there are 1-2 orders every month, “the commercialization of our video account is still very smooth.”


“Wind” and “wave cusp”, the “multiplying” speed of commercialization

In addition to the support of the team’s ability, another important reason for the success of “Real Curly” is that,The rapid development of video accounts has triggered a new outlet for brand marketing, and they are just on the cusp of the brand chasing the wind. “We don’t need to remind us, the brand is much more sensitive than us,” Xiaocao told Baizhun.

The official account came out in 2012 and only matured in 2015. The ability and gameplay of short videos have been fully verified,The video account does not need to reinvent the wheel, and the commercialization process appears to be both rapid and natural.

Founded in June 2021 and commercialized in December, “Real Curly Hair” also shows the speed of “multiplication” of video numbers.

Almost all of the collaborations of “Real Curly Hair” go to the mutual selection platform. Xiaocao told Baizhun, “WeChat does not force business cooperation to go through mutual selection, but as a creator, in fact, we are more willing to go through mutual election.At least our interests can be protected”。

With the cooperation with vivo, DUO and other brands, as well as the content characteristics of dry goods sharing, real person appearances, and creative presentations, on June 23, the new fashion blogger “Real Curly Hair” on the video account also won the award.“2022H1 Video Account Mutual Selection Platform Photography Category ‘Outstanding Creator Award'”.

“Real Curly Hair” and vivo co-operated with the new vivo x80pro commercial, Curly Hair shared how to use mobile phones to shoot night portraits from four points of action, composition, camera position, and skills. product advantages.

The video account linked between public and private domains provides brand marketing with the closest channel to users and a complete chain of refined operations. When the video account infrastructure is complete, the content supply is sufficient, and the operational capabilities are mature, the competition here will be fierce.

Brands and creators can understand the gameplay and logic of the video account ecology only by running and entering the market, and occupy a good ecological niche before commercialization erupts.

Note: Article / Duxiu, article source: Baizhun, this article is the author’s independent point of view, and does not represent the position of Yibang Power.


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