6 celebrities who have done a better job than professional makeup artists

These celebrities have shown that with practice and patience, they can do without professional makeup services to look good.

Generally, Hollywood stars have makeup artists – or a whole team of makeup artists – at their disposal to achieve the looks we see on red carpets and other important events, where they have to look stunning.

However, there are times when celebrities prefer to do their own makeup and overshadow the professionals:

  1. zendaya

The 25-year-old singer and actress confessed the effects of doing her own event makeup, saying: “Now I do makeup myself for almost every event. I find it very therapeutic, especially if I am very stressed before a press session or a big event. It relaxes me a lot to take that time alone for myself “.

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  1. Shakira

shakira without makeup

The Colombian singer puts makeup on herself for most of her appearances and events. She stated: “I usually apply a natural color to my lips and focus on my eyes. In my opinion, the less makeup I wear, the better I look. After so many years in front of the camera, sometimes I feel like I look better than 10 years ago, when I was wearing a lot of makeup “.

  1. Meghan Markle

meghan markle

It was during 2018 that the Duchess of Sussex decided to do without the services of a makeup artist and the international media cheered how young and beautiful she looked.

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  1. Gwen Stefani

gwen stefani

The singer of “Hollaback Girl” He confessed that on more than one occasion he has rejected the services of makeup artists, which is why he has been seen with both risky and elegant looks.

  1. Emily Ratajkowski

emily ratajkowski

Without a doubt, the model, businesswoman and actress do not need long makeup sessions to look good. Emily revealed that in most of the public appearances she makes, she is the one who puts on makeup.

  1. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

It is a fact well known to all that Selena She loves makeup and cosmetics, despite this, we were amazed at how amazing she looked when she appeared on the cover of a magazine with the makeup that she did.

Makeup can make or break an entire look, and these celebrities have shown that with practice, incredible results can be achieved.


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