5 Ways to Take Care of Motorcycle Paint to Keep it Shiny

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In addition to the excellent condition of the engine, one of the things that is very concerned for the owner motor vehicle is a physical condition or outward appearance.

The physical condition of the motor which is still shiny is certainly a matter of pride. Here’s how to care for motorcycle paint to keep it shiny.

Having a motorbike with paint in good condition is certainly an advantage for vehicle owners. Besides being beautiful to look at, motorbikes with polished paint tend to be easier to sell.

Unfortunately, motorcycle paint will fade over time if not cared for properly.

Caring for motor paint to stay good is not a difficult and expensive thing to do.

Summarized from various sources, here’s how to care for motorcycle paint to keep it shiny.

1. Diligently wash the motorbike

Illustration. One way to care for motorcycle paint to keep it shiny is to wash it diligently. (iStockphoto/FluxFactory)

Diligently washing the motorbike is a mandatory thing that must be done by motorbike owners so that the paint condition remains shiny.

Dirt from dust and other objects that come from the streets will make the paint condition even more dull. Dirt that is allowed to accumulate over a long period of time can form a crust.

These scales can erode the layer on the paint little by little. If it is so, then the paint on the motor will gradually fade.

The right way to keep motorcycle paint durable and shiny is to wash it regularly. By washing the motorbike regularly, the dirt that sticks will be removed and the motor paint is maintained.

2. Place the motorbike in the shade

Although trivial, in fact this will accelerate the dullness of the paint on your favorite motorbike.

Placing or parking the motorbike in a hot place and directly exposed to direct sunlight will make the motorbike paint dull and striped.

Place the motorcycle in a shady place and avoid direct sunlight to maintain the brightness of the motorcycle paint.

If you are forced to place your motorcycle outdoors with direct sunlight, then use a special motorcycle cover that is now widely available on the market.

3. Giving treatment

Cleansing motorbike interior and spraying with disinfection liquid. Hands in rubber protective glove disinfecting motorcycle scooter vihicle for protection from virus corona diseaseIllustration. Give treatment Certain things can also be a way to keep the motor paint shiny. (iStockphoto/Space_Cat)

How to care for motorcycle paint to keep it shiny, the next is to give treatment motorcycle special. Use a special motorcycle shampoo when you want to wash it so that dirt can be removed and the paint is maintained.

Also, use a liquid or paste to treat the shine of the motorcycle paint. However, not too often. The reason is, the use of excessive paint polish will actually damage the paint.

4. Avoid harmful chemicals

When going to use chemicals for motorcycle paint, it’s a good idea to test it first. Try applying a small amount of the material to a hidden part of the motor.

If it is safe and makes the paint shiny, then you can only apply it to the entire motorcycle body.

However, if these chemicals actually make the paint dull and damaged, then you should stop using it.

5. Immediately wash the motorbike when it rains

In the rainy season, the motorcycle will often be exposed to rain, either directly or indirectly.

When the motorbike is forced to be exposed to rain water, then you must wash it as soon as possible, lest any rainwater pools.

Wash the motorbike thoroughly until there is no rainwater left so that the motorbike paint is maintained. Do not forget to use a soft cloth when you want to dry the motor body that has been washed.

That’s how to care for motorcycle paint to keep it shiny. Good luck!


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