5 sons torture their mother to get the inheritance (video and photos)

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In a tragedy, which was called “collective disobedience”, which took place in the Omrania area in Giza, Atiyat Muhammad Abdel Latif, 64, was tortured by 5 of her sons, to the point that she urinated on herself, and was forced to put her fingerprints on contracts for the sale and purchase of her property for her children, before seize their liquid funds.

Attiyat still remembers the night her children expelled her from her home, and cites her blood-stained head covering: “They beat me to death, my son (Mukhtar) used to punch me in Wushi, and the rest grabbed my hair.”

That was 4 months ago, when they took her money and forced her to put her fingerprints on contracts for the sale of lands and real estate she owned for them. “Atiyat” says that she bought it from her free money, with the misery of 35 years of trading and selling electrical appliances, clothes, etc., and the rest of her property she inherited from her mother.

The tragedy of “Atiyat” began 4 years ago, after the death of her husband, as she suffered from the disobedience of her five children, as she is sick with heart disease, diabetes and stress, and she needs her care, as she says: “I fainted and could not find anything to help me.”

The old lady cries as she remembers that her children “went into my apartment and took my money in my eyes like this, they bought ownership apartments with it, and left their father’s house, written in my name, where I lived with them, and they started spending from the rent income of this house and another property I own, after changing the ownership contracts under duress. ».

The 64-year-old woman went to her older brother’s house, Mashhour, and she only stayed with him for 3 days, until her children came to her and asked her to return to her apartment to see the torment in colors: I did not make a record that I gave up, after people intervened to make peace.”

5 sons torture their mother

“My children deceived me again.” With a sigh, “Atiyat” said, as her children agreed with her that she would live with each one of them for a week, but when she went to their apartments, her suffering and their disobedience increased with her: “I found my daughter (Ulf) locking the door of her bedroom and the door of her apartment, as if I were A thief, and the wife of my son (Muhammad) kicked me out of her house, I cried and said I want to go back to my house, and when I came back, I discovered the disasters of theft and theft of my property contracts in my country in Beni Suef.”

“I will marry.” The “old woman” told her children that she wanted to marry a 74-year-old man, and she said, “I fainted, and no one takes care of me and my treatment.” She was surprised by the approval of her son, Mukhtar, and he said: “Oh, my mother, we took everything, I am married because no one will ask about you, also we used to put poison for you in food, and the wife of my brother (Mohammed) who refused, so we went back.”

Attiyat cries while hesitating: “I really got married at this age because I can’t find food or drink, and my treatment I don’t know how to answer. I married a man with a salary of 2500 pounds, hardly enough for us two, and I lived with him in his apartment.”

While the mother was leaving her home, her children taught her a “death leech.” Her son, Mukhtar, assaulted her and locked her in the apartment until she urinated on herself: “I don’t want to tell them my children, I regret saying this word!”

The mother says: “5 days ago, I wrote a report with the names of my children, accusing them of attempting to kill them, and forcing me to put my fingerprint on the contracts for the sale of my property to them. In the record, and after I got married and found another house to live in, I dared to accuse them of their names.”

Yesterday, the security services arrested 3 of Atiyat’s sons, and intensified their efforts to arrest two others. The Public Prosecution began investigations and decided to release the arrested sons, and requested supplementary investigations by the security services about the incident of forcing the victim to put her fingerprints on contracts for the sale and purchase of her property.


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