5 PHOTOS of Camila Sodi that show her RADICAL physical change at 36

Camila Sodi she stands out for being a strong, powerful and free woman, this was recently reinforced by publishing a couple of photographs through her Instagram letting herself be seen as God brought her into the world. The photographs show Camila Sodi in a hurry naked in the desert. Camila Sodi I accompany the post of Instagram with the following phrase: “I live in freedom every time I remember that this life is gone and the only thing that really matters is the love you give to yourself and the love you give to others.”

Camila Sodi She was born on May 14, 1986, she is the eldest daughter of the writer Ernestina Sodi. From a very young age Camila Sodi He developed his acting skills, as well as a taste for music and modeling. Camila has become a benchmark of television and the hundred Mexican thanks to her beauty, which she continues to demonstrate through her Photos of Instagram.


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