5 Facts about Dorce Gamalama’s illness until she was unconscious: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Unpleasant news coming from a senior artist Dorce Gamalama. His health condition was problematic until he was treated in the intensive care unit (ICU) at Primaya Hospital, Bekasi, West Java.

Now, Dorce’s condition reaps public sympathy. The family also hopes that the 58-year-old presenter can recover soon and carry out activities as usual.

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Here we present the facts about Dorce Gamalama’s illness.

1. Had to ask for food

Dorce Gamalama’s adopted daughter, Siti Khadijah said her mother had asked to make food before her condition dropped. However, when the food was ready, Dorce couldn’t be woken up.

“When I woke up to eat, Mama didn’t respond,” said Khadijah. So, the family contacted the doctor via WhatsApp and finally decided to take Dorce to the hospital.

2. Unconscious

Dorce was unconscious when he was rushed to the hospital on the evening of October 7, 2021. It’s just that, according to the princess’s confession, her body parts are still moving.

When he arrived at the hospital, Dorce was immediately taken to the emergency department (ER). After that, the medical team decided to move the artist to the intensive care unit (ICU).

3. Have a History of Diabetes

Apparently before being admitted to the ICU, Dorce also previously underwent hospitalization due to a long history of diabetes. He was hospitalized again shortly after being discharged.

“After being sick, he was hospitalized for a week. He went home Thursday morning. So he was still under the supervision of the doctor, so when he dropped off, he told the doctor he was told to immediately take him to the hospital,” said Khadijah.

4. Often Complains of Pain

In the past week, Dorce has often complained about his health condition to those closest to him. He complained of leg pain, weakness and dizziness.

“(Complaining) that his leg hurts. Had physiotherapy with me and Hetty (Dorce’s friend). Indeed, he complained of weakness and dizziness,” said Marina, Dorce’s family.

5. Still Under Observation by Doctors

Although it is known that Dorce has a history of diabetes, the family does not know for sure the reason the artist dropped again. The reason is, doctors still have to examine Dorce’s condition further.

“Still being observed since being brought in until now. Yes, until now his consciousness has not improved, it is still declining. Still not aware. We will continue to monitor first,” explained Khadijah.


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