5 daughters of celebrities who will be strong competition for Ángela Aguilar

Since Ángela Aguilar debuted in music as the new exponent of the Mexican regional, she has captivated the entire country for her great talent and for the family heritage that comes with her, it is an example that the gift of musical notes comes from generation to generation, as in the case of other daughters of celebrities and singers who undoubtedly want to stomp on the music scene.

Here are 5 women who decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents, either with their support or independently, and who could put together a good duo with Pepe Aguilar’s daughter.

Camila, daughter of Alejandro Fernández and granddaughter of Vicente Fernández, debuted in 2014 at the MGM Gran Hotel & Casino concert in Las Vegas, where she performed with her father, “Today I have desire for you”.

Unlike her older brother, Alejandro Fernández Jr., Camila left ranchera music aside to dedicate herself to pop, since she was an elementary school student in San Diego, California, she realized that her thing was to be a singer when she got a role of the musical Hairspray.

The daughter of “El Potrillo” studied at the Semper Altius School of Music in Guadalajara, where she officially began her musical training and completed her studies at the La Jolla Piano Institute in California.

Currently her career as a singer is on hiatus since this same year she welcomed her baby Cayetana, the first granddaughter of the interpreter of “Si tú supieras”.

The youngest daughter of the singers Lucero and Manuel Mijares, aged 16, has proven to have a great voice singing along with her father and with the actress, whether in duets or trios, she has impressed the music scene with her sporadic appearances at concerts and religious events.

Although his plan is to start a career in music, Mijares has recommended that he continue his student stage and finish a career and then decide if he wants to dedicate himself completely to being a singer or not.

Mia Rubín

Daughter of Erik Rubín and the host Andrea Legarreta, with only 16 years she decided that music would also be part of her career, in addition to acting.

She is an influencer on social networks like Instagram and has done a duet with her dad on more than one occasion.

So far his great passion is musical works, the most prominent in which he has participated is “Anita, la orfanita”.

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Daughter of the first marriage of “La Güerita Consentida”, Alicia Villareal with Arturo Carmona. She studies music production and singing as she prepares for her music debut alongside her mother.

At the same time, she has her modeling career, in which she debuted a year ago and is shaping up to be a top model.

The 13-year-old girl debuted with her grandmother Lupita D’Alessio this year during a streaming concert to celebrate 50 years of singing career.

At his young age, he has more than 60 thousand followers on Instagram and although he is not clear about the possibility of dedicating himself completely to music, he has appeared in several videos singing with his father, Ernesto D’Alessio.

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