5 Benefits of Fiber, Not Just Digestive

Our bodies need a variety of nutritional intake for the sake of health and in order to function properly. Well, one of the important nutrients we need is fiber.

Thanks to fiber, digestion can run smoothly. However, the function of fiber is actually more than that and maybe many people don’t know it. The various benefits of fiber for the health of the body were revealed through the event Fibe Mini Medium Launch held virtually on Thursday (9/9/2021).

1. The impact of fiber can be seen immediately enter the stomach

illustration of the relationship between satiety and fiber (betterliving.co)

For those of you who are wondering where fiber nutrition can come from, dr. Marya Haryono, MGizi, SpGK, FINEM, as a resource person said that you can meet the fiber needs of your daily diet. Fiber is contained in a lot of vegetables, fruit, and nuts. When you eat these foods, you can actually feel the benefits right away.

You will feel full more easily and the feeling of fullness lasts longer. That’s because fiber slows down the digestive process, makes food go down slowly towards the intestines, and makes the process of absorption of nutrients better. Stool is easier to expel, but also not runny,” dr. Mary explained.

2. Good digestion will affect the whole body

5 Benefits Of High Fiber Foods, Not Just To Boost Digestionhealthy digestion illustration (fi.starsinsider.com)

More than expected, the benefits of fiber not only have an impact on digestion and physical, mental will also feel it. This is thanks to the phenomenon good-brain axis (GBA) or a connection in the body between the stomach and the brain.

Doctor Marya explained, if you lack fiber, your digestion is not smooth it will make it difficult to sleep. This insomnia condition will be more or less mentally disturbing to cause a bad mood. Later, this condition could be related to stress and depression. If your fiber needs are met, this can be prevented.

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3. There are long-term and short-term effects of a lack of fiber

5 Benefits Of High Fiber Foods, Not Just To Boost Digestionillustration of constipation (insider.com)

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The daily requirement of fiber for adults is approximately 100 grams. This amount is equivalent to 50 percent of your meal. Unfortunately, there are still many people who lack fiber intake. In fact, said by dr. Marya, as many as 95 percent of Indonesian people do not get sufficient coverage of fiber needs every day.

This condition of lack of fiber can have an impact on the body and its effects can be felt in the short and long term. In the short term, you will feel disturbed digestion until mood ugly. In the long term, lack of fiber can increase the risk of developing serious diseases such as diabetes diabetes to colon cancer.

4. Green vegetables can cause gout? This is just a myth!

5 Benefits Of High Fiber Foods, Not Just To Boost Digestiongreen vegetable illustration (pexels.com/Daria Shevtsova)

There is one health myth that circulates and is widely believed, one of which is that green vegetables are rich in fiber can increase blood levels gout, thus making some people reluctant to consume it.

Doctor Marya confirmed that it was just a myth. Gout is not caused by vegetables, but other foods that generally contain a lot of cholesterol. An example is offal.

“If you are afraid, just replace the green vegetables. It could be nuts or fruit, really,” said dr. Mary.

5. Early detection of a lack of fiber can be seen from the portion of vegetables and fruit you eat

5 Benefits Of High Fiber Foods, Not Just To Boost Digestionnutritionally balanced food illustration (eatright.org)

It’s not hard, really, to know if you’re low on fiber or not. You just need to remember what you ate that day.

“When you ate earlier, was the portion of vegetables and fruit already 50:50 with carbohydrates and protein? If not, yes, your fiber needs have not been met,” said dr. Mary.

Fiber needs can be met with a variety of foods that enter your body, especially vegetables and fruit, through a balanced nutritious diet. Without a balance of nutrients, your body’s health can certainly be disrupted.

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