5 Benefits of Eating Ice Cream in the Morning

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Along with the changing food trends, there is one type dessert which is timeless, namely ice cream. With a wide selection of flavors and popularity, ice cream has become one of the people’s favorite desserts for all ages and groups.

However, ice cream is often labeled as a dessert that should be avoided because of its cold nature and sweet taste. In fact, ice cream itself has properties that are rarely known.

In addition to containing vitamins and minerals, eating ice cream in the morning can even bring positive health benefits. Anything?

Here are five benefits of eating ice cream in the morning, according to a press release by Baskin Robbins.

1. Awaken the mood throughout the day

When the heart is full of sugar, ice cream becomes one of the escape foods. Many believe that eating ice cream makes the mood happier.

No wonder, because there is a scientific explanation behind the ability of ice cream to be solace for people who consume it.

When you eat ice cream, your body produces serotonin, which makes you happier. For that, eating ice cream in the morning can get a happy feeling and a good mood. As a result, the rest of your day will feel more fun and energized.

2. Nutrient intake for the body

In addition to improving mood, ice cream is also rich in vitamins. In the content of ice cream, there is a basic ingredient of milk as the main contributor of vitamins and minerals that are friendly to health.

In fact, ice cream contains vitamins A, D, K, B12, calcium, and phosphorus which have good effects on body health. So, you can complete your sweet breakfast menu with your favorite ice cream which is rich in nutrients and vitamins to support your productivity all day long.

3. As a reliever flu symptoms

At first glance, cold food or drinks such as ice cream are seen as a source of throat disease. In fact, it is advisable to eat dairy-based foods when you have a cold, including ice cream.

The soft texture of the ice cream will help relieve a sore throat, reduce dehydration, and increase the calorie intake lost due to lack of appetite.

4. Additional energy source

Feeling sluggish and uninspired? Thanks to the sugar content in it, you can eat ice cream to get new energy instantly.

Not only sugar, ice cream that contains fat and protein can be an intake for the body to carry out daily activities.

5. Maintain bone and tooth strength

Since childhood, you must have been taught to drink milk diligently to maintain healthy teeth and bones. Milk is very synonymous with calcium content that cannot be produced by the body naturally.

Therefore, you need to look for calcium intake from various food ingredients or supplements so that the condition of the bones remains strong. With milk-based ingredients that are rich in calcium, ice cream can be one way to strengthen bones and teeth.


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