46th Chambéry Savoie Comic Strip Festival – Elephants (…)

In Chambéry, comics are placed under the benevolent patronage of the golden elephants, a trophy designed by Franquin and modeled in 3D. A prize sought after by many authors for who knows the name of the creator of the prize.

For 2022, no less than eight golden elephants were awarded to authors during a ceremony hosted by the vice-president of the Chambéry Savoie association, Julien Berhet and Jawad Bazine, administrator and exhibition manager.

The golden elephant trophy, designed by Franquin
© Romain Garnier

Golden Elephant – Special Prize of the reading committee – lost letters by Jim Bishop – Glénat

Jim Bishop is still successful, especially after receiving the France Bleu – ActuaBD prize, for this comic book with innumerable qualities, both in the script and in the drawing. The jury says they have justified the existence of this price because sometimes there are comics that do not have the price almost. Yet she deserves. For Jim Bishop, it is a recognition of his work while his news is loaded with the publication of his new album My friend Pierrotalready a favorite of our editorial staff.

© Glenat

Golden elephant for album of the year – Un avion sans elle by Nicolaï Pinheiro and Fred Duval – Adaptation of the book by Michel Bussi – Glénat

Nicolai Pinheiro received a coveted album of the year award last night. For him, the whole challenge consisted in adapting this work to the undeniable suspense and tension. A very well drawn drama rewarded by the jury for the imprint it leaves on its readers and the social issues it underlies.

Golden Elephant Award for Best Album of the Year
© Glenat

Golden Elephant from the Center Hospitalier Métropole Savoie – Antananarivo by Sylvain Vallée and Mark Eacersall – Glénat

This award is bold, relevant and heartening. It was proposed to all hospital staff in Chambéry to meet for 1 hour a week, for almost a year, to discuss selection prices and read comics. A welcome bubble of air for these professions, which are more than ever under pressure after COVID-19. For the occasion, a favorite of actuaBD, Antananarivowas rewarded. Sylvain Valley (Once upon a time in France, Katanga,…) rejoiced and admitted to being deeply touched by this choice of caregivers. A third-age road-trip with irresistible humour.

Golden Elephant of the Drawing Prize – Antananarivo by Sylvain Vallée and Mark Eacersall – Glénat

Sylvain Vallee and Mark Eacersall won’t have the problem of shared custody of the trophy. To his delight, Sylvain Vallée also won the golden elephant for the drawing prize, a highly deserved prize for this already multi-award winning author. The 4th prize for comics Antananarivoa justified pride for the designer.

Sylvain Vallée receives the Golden Elephant from the Center Hospitalier Métropole Savoie
© Romain Garnier

Golden Elephant for Screenplay – Sangoma, the Damned of Cap Town by Caryl Férey and Corentin Rouge – Glénat

Another ActuaBD editorial favorite won the Golden Elephant for Screenplay: We sang. Pour Caryl Férey, also a novelist, it is a prize marked by emotion to be recognized in this way. The golden elephant of the screenplay prize, an essential prize when you know how much comics prizes tend to reward cartoonists or “complete authors” as they say… A more than deserved prize for a screenwriter signing a remarkable thriller in a South Africa still undermined by the legacies of apartheid.

Caryl Férey thanks the audience for his golden elephant for the Screenplay Prize
© Romain Garnier
© Glenat

Golden Elephant of the Youth Prize – Zora’s Spells (Volume 1) by Ariane Delrieu and Judith Peignen – Vents d’Ouest

This prize is the result of a youth committee from working-class neighborhoods, in conjunction with many local associations. Among them, the Children’s Homes Château du Talweg, Feuille de Chou, Nivolet Childhood Home and the Chantemerle Childhood Home. With kids reading 1 to 20 comics, the choice fell on Zora’s spells which deals with the difference and the emancipation of women. A price that delighted the authors according to the adage: no better price than that of an audience of readers.

Judith Peignen & Ariane Delrieu thank the jury for this youth award
© Romain Garnier

Sakura Spring by Marie Jaffredo

Golden Elephant of the FR3 Public Prize – Le Printemps de Sakura by Marie Jaffredo – Vents d’Ouest

FR3 asked its viewers to decide from a preselection of the best title to reward. Le Printemps de Sakura wins the prize. The comic tells the story of an 8-year-old girl who has lost her mother. Haunted by grief, she comes to spend a few weeks with her grandmother who lives in the traditional way. An inevitable shift for this young girl raised by a father of French origin. A stay on mourning and the relationship to others. A beautiful comic book with captivating poetry despite the harshness of the themes addressed.

© West Winds
Marie Jaffredo, happy to lift Franquin’s elephants
© Romain Garnier

Golden Elephant – Lifetime Achievement Award – Jean-Yves Mitton

Absent from the ceremony, deeply affected by the disappearance of his friend Francois Corteggiani, Jean-Yves Mitton was represented by its publisher, Original Watts. On his behalf, he explained with great emotion the honor represented by the presentation of this golden elephant. Author of great talent, first French author to work with Marvel et Stan LeeJean-Yves Mitton marked generations with series like Oh. Flagship figure of the magazine Mustang in the 1980s, he had a great influence in the French superhero genre, whether with microphones or the White Archer, stories and design deeply influenced by American comics. A well-deserved golden elephant for an author with an essential career.

David Barnier, artistic director of the publisher Original Watts receives the golden elephant on behalf of Jean-Yves Mitton
© Romain Garnier
Drawing representing Jean-Yves Mitton
© Original Watts
© Chambéry Savoie Festival

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