45 years: Meryl Streep leads perhaps the scandal-free marriage in Hollywood

45 years: Meryl Streep leads perhaps the scandal-free marriage in Hollywood

After the tragic death of her boyfriend John Cazale, Meryl Streep fell in love with her husband Don Gummer. The two have had an enviable marriage for more than four decades.

As a three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep (74) a true acting legend. With her roles in “Mamma Mia”, “The Devil Wears Prada” and many other top-class productions, she played her way into the hearts of the audience. She is currently co-starring in the Hulu series Only Murders In The Building Selena Gomez (31) to see. Meanwhile, little is known about the private love life of the award-winning actress. What is certain, however, is that she and her husband Don Gummer (76) have had one of Hollywood’s quietest, most harmonious marriages for 45 years. And that after the mother of four had to endure a devastating stroke of fate with her first love.

Meryl Streep’s tragic love drama: her first boyfriend died of lung cancer

So she met her husband shortly after the death of her boyfriend at the time, John Cazale († 42). She met and fell in love with the latter while rehearsing for a play in New York, but the ‘The Godfather’ actor succumbed to complications from lung cancer after long periods of loving care and nurturing from the loving Streep.

This loss plunged the young actress into deep sorrow. The apartment he shared with Cazale had to be vacated shortly after his death, and her brother came to her aid. But he not only provided active help, but also introduced her to Don Gummer – a friend who would later become much more than just a mover.

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Meryl Streep and Don Gummer tied the knot six months after they first met

The first encounter between the two didn’t spark a fire, but Streep and Gummer immediately liked each other. He let her live in his apartment while he was away and the two also started dating shortly after. Six months later, the couple was certain about their feelings and celebrated their wedding in their parents’ garden, which initially led to incomprehension from outsiders. After all, her ex-boyfriend had passed away less than a year ago.

The “Mamma Mia” actress dreamed of marrying King Charles III as a child.

Meanwhile, the pair defies all critics with a scandalous showcase marriage that any celebrity peers like Brad Pitt (59) and Angelina Jolie (48) or Johnny Depp (60) and Amber Heard (37) can only dream. Meryl Streep had always imagined a completely different future as a child — and a marriage to none other than König Charles III. (74)!

The 74-year-old showed that she is more than grateful for how her life has developed at the Oscars in 2012. There the blonde beauty said loudly “Hello Magazine‘ in a rare statement affectionately to her now-partner: ‘First I want to thank Don because if you wait until the end of the speech to say thank you to your husband you play him off with the music but I want him to know that he gave me everything I value most in our life.”

Charitable Couple: Meryl Streep and Don Gummer are both passionate about art

But who is the man who stole the heart of the cult actress? While he may not be primarily a celebrity, the 76-year-old is nonetheless a household name in art circles. He works as a sculptor and has presented his works to the public in several solo exhibitions. He works with bronze, steel and aluminum and processes these materials into large-scale sculptures.

He graduated from Boston Art School and Yale University, where Meryl Streep also studied for several years. The two like to show up together at public events and have also found a common passion in donating. Together they paid large sums to artistic institutions such as New York’s elite Vassar College, the Opus Harlem School and the Silver Mountain Arts Foundation.

Meryl Streep: “For an unsteady life like mine, it is important to have a partner who is very understanding”

Don Gummer is always at her side at award ceremonies and public professional events – which was not uncommon for Streep’s total of 21 Oscar nominations in the past. The beautiful American declared loudly “Golden Camera“She is “very lucky” to have found her husband.

Her marriage secret is simple and plain: “He understands me. We understand each other.” That would also have something to do with the fact that as an artist he has an understanding of the film business that someone with a normal office job could possibly never have. “For an unsteady life like mine, it’s important to have a partner who has a lot of understanding,” Meryl Streep reflected on their relationship. In more than four decades of marriage, there was almost not a single scandal that reached the public, only in 2014 separation rumors were loud. The actress is said to have taken her career so seriously that her husband hardly got to see her anymore. But it looks like the couple have put their quarrels behind them.

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“Tiger mom” and relaxed dad: They raised their four children as a complementary team

The couple have four children together: Henry Wolfe Gummer, 43, Mary Willa (“Mamie”) Gummer, 40, Grace Jane Gummer, 37, and Louisa Jacobson Gummer, 32. All four, like mom Meryl, have chosen to pursue careers in show business.

The upbringing of the four offspring was loud for the two “Sydney Morning Herald“Teamwork.” While Streep referred to herself as “Tiger Mama,” Gummer is said to have had a more relaxed attitude to raising children. Due to her time-consuming work, she was also always happy to have a committed partner who was happy to take care of the children take care of her when she was away on business.

A love fit for film: This is her husband Daniel

Julia Roberts cinematic love: This is her husband Daniel
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