43-year-old sets wood stand on fire

On Thursday evening, a 43-year-old set fire to his wooden shelter after patrols from the Wrzburg-Land police station wanted to check it. The man who tried to use the fire to remove the marijuana plants he had stored there suffered minor burns and was temporarily arrested. A preliminary investigation awaits him.

On Thursday evening, the Wrzburg-Land police station learned about a 43-year-old who was supposed to be storing marijuana plants in his garden under a wooden shelter. During the planned inspection of the property, according to police information, the man let his two aggressive Dobermen in the garden, which initially made entry impossible. He did not respond to the instructions to lock the dogs away and instead showered the plants with gasoline and set them on fire.

With the help of a service dog handler, the property was entered and the man was ultimately overwhelmed and temporarily arrested. The 43-year-old resisted and was slightly injured.

The fire, which was quickly extinguished by the local fire brigade, destroyed part of the marijuana plants and the wooden shelter. The suspect also suffered minor burns to his forearms from the flames. The 43-year-old is now awaiting an investigation based on resistance to law enforcement officers, property damage through arson and an offense under the Narcotics Act.

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