4 weeks – hood night x KROY – official video

Director Thibaut Duverneix visually makes a relationship with the expiration date. The video expresses what will happen at the end of this four week. It shows pain when you let someone into your life and let it go on purpose. Sexy mini-movie toys with infidelity, dance, polygamy, monogamy, loneliness, body, body parts, lost love and masochistic pain to fall in love and put everything in line, knowing that the deadline is here. The new single “4 Weeks” tells an unusual love story. This duet is not your typical love song. This begs the question … What if two people in love make a difficult choice: they decide to build a relationship that lasts only four weeks. No more or less… Exactly four weeks, it’s over. They should enjoy every moment. They would know that if they can’t be together forever without change, without their love fading, why not be together for just four weeks… and make it all amazing? The chairman of Hoodies at Night describes the idea that triggered the song: “It’s like knowing when you die … you would live your life to the fullest. Maybe the same can be said about relationships. Maybe if you finish it, you can love with an open heart from the beginning. “The song starts as a sweet sweet melancholic ballad when the couple makes their dark choice …” These may be the best weeks of our lives, but I don’t want you to stay… ” . The listener falls in love and hits the wall at the same time. What would you do if you were in a relationship that you knew would only last four weeks? Would you live to the fullest? Would you love completely? Until the end?

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