4 products to have fuller lips without surgery!

Do you want to have luscious lips, but without going through surgery? Zoom in on these products that work miracles.

For a few seasons or even a few years already, plump lips are popular. We even witness a real trend… You just have to see how Kylie Jenner managed to base his entire business on his full lips ! The youngest of the Kardashian / Jenner clan in fact marketed in 2015 a kit comprising pencil and matte lipstick. The idea? Redraw the contour of the lips by overflowing slightly, all with a nude pencil, then fill in with a matte lipstick of the same color. Effect pouty lips guarantee !

instagram @kyliejenner

And Snapchat and Instagram filters are not left out: they too have understood the trend, and almost automatically offer a fuller lip effect… for a few seconds!

So if you too want to sport fuller lips, but without going through the injections box, here are some products that should hold your attention.

These make-up products allow you to have fuller lips

You wish a temporary method to give more volume to your lips ? We have the solution for you! Fortunately, many make up brands have entered this niche thanks to sometimes … spicy formulas!

Our favorite products?

  • Sculpting lipstick Rouge Artist Shine On from Make Up For Ever (€ 24.50), which in addition to plump lips, hydrates them immediately, all in one go.
  • The famous Lip Maximizer by Dior (€ 37.90), a tinted gloss that brings volume to the lips while nicely smoothing them.
  • The youngest signed Huda Beauty : lip balm Honey Kiss (€ 21). It contains soy, licorice and hyaluronic acid, as well as organic honey and manuka honey. With the Honey Kiss, the lips are intensely nourished, everything looking plump thanks to its glossy finish.
  • The lip illuminator Gloss Bomb Heat signé Fenty Beauty (23 €), which nourishes the lips thanks with shea butter and vitamin E. This little gem brings a wet effect without glitter, and increases the volume of lips with its formulation that gently stimulates blood flow.
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