4 exercise habits to lose weight after 60

You can lose weight even as you get older. [사진=게티이미지뱅크]

There are people who maintain their body shape without changing their weight even as they age, but most of them do not. As you go on, you lose muscle mass and your metabolism slows down. In addition, the amount of activity decreases, and in many cases, it is not possible to burn as many calories as before. As a result, you find yourself gaining weight as you get older.

It is still possible to lose weight as you get older. American Food and Health Journal Here are some exercise tips to get slim after 60, based on the advice of some health experts.

walk fast and vigorously

The first secret has to do with aerobicity. Put on the best shoes for walking, and take a step towards your workout goal with a friend. For people over 60, walking is one of the best activities to lose weight, experts say. This is because it has low impact, does not burden the joints, and is good for health. It can also help improve heart health or problems related to high blood sugar (prediabetes, type 2 diabetes). It also improves mood and reduces depression and anxiety. However, it shouldn’t be like taking a leisurely walk around the neighborhood, but you should walk briskly and maintain a fast heart rate for at least 45 minutes.

Strength training two days a week

In addition to aerobic exercise, strength training is also important. At the age of 30, muscle mass decreases by about 3 to 8% every 10 years, and it becomes more severe at the age of 50. Fat burns fewer calories than muscle. So when you lose muscle, your metabolism slows down and you burn fewer calories as a result. Also, as muscle mass tends to decrease as you lose weight, you should do strength training a day or two a week to help prevent this.

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A combination of healthy and nutritious diet

Exercise can help you lose weight and prevent yo-yos, but eating a healthy and nutritious diet is the most important way to lose weight. A healthy diet should be combined with daily exercise. Pay attention to what you eat while trying to achieve and maintain a healthy target weight.

reduce sitting time

Try to develop simple habits, such as reducing the amount of time you spend sitting. While regular exercise is of course very important, the benefits of exercise can be counteracted if you spend a lot of time sitting throughout the day. Concentrate on small habits such as waking up for a while while watching TV commercials and jumping with your arms or stretching for 5 minutes every hour. The easiest way to make it a habit is to set an alarm in advance until you get used to it.

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