4 Asteroids Will Pass Closer to Earth

Photo illustration: Asteroids and Earth (Pixabay)

SURYAKEPRI.COM – A total of four large asteroids are reported to be passing close to Earth.

According to the United States Space and Aeronautics Agency (NASA), an asteroid measuring 137 meters long will approach Earth’s orbit on Friday (10/9).

As reported by Dailystar, the asteroid, code-named 2021RE, is expected to be at a distance of 3,000,000 miles or 5,471,769 kilometers from Earth on September 10, a fairly safe distance by Astronomical standards.

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For comparison, the Moon is at a distance of 384,400 kilometers from Earth. In addition, the Earth receives daily hits from about 100 tons of rock and other extraterrestrial matter every day.

2021RE is expected to pass at a speed of 48,280 kilometers per hour, could do considerable damage if it hits Earth.

According to NASA, every 2,000 years a meteorite the size of a football field enters Earth’s atmosphere and does significant damage.

In addition to 2021RE, this month there will be three other large asteroids passing close to Earth.

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As reported by the India Times, the earliest asteroid will approach Earth is an asteroid with the code name 2010 RJ53. 2010 RJ53 measures 774 meters, and is estimated to pass at a distance of 366,000 kilometers from Earth, a distance that is closer than the Moon’s distance to Earth.

Next is 2021 PT which will pass on September 11. This asteroid is the same size as 2021RE, which is 137 meters. It is expected to pass at a distance of 4.9 million kilometers from Earth.

The third asteroid to approach Earth is 2021 NY1. This asteroid is expected to pass on September 22.

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