3rd league, group 2 – Lausen loses against series winner Timau Basel – Mino Montalto with the winning goal

3rd league, group 2

Lausen loses against series winner Timau Basel – Mino Montalto with the winning goal

Timau Basel lined up victory after victory: Against Lausen, the team celebrated their third victory in a row on Saturday. The result was 3: 2


The decision in the game was only made in the final phase when Timau Basel made it 3-2. Mino Montalto was responsible for the winning goal in the 80th minute.

At the start of the game, Marco Aluisi had shot his team in the lead in the third minute. Lausen equalized in the 33rd minute through Alessio Marra. Aleksandar Dobric scored the opening goal in the 35th minute to make it 2-1 for Lausen. Due to a penalty, Timau Basel equalized in the 65th minute. Marco Aluisi transformed successfully.

There were a total of eight cards in the game. Leandro Martins Lopes (82nd) ​​saw the red card at Lausen. Saverio Gurri (1st), Leandro Martins Lopes (65th) and Alessio Marra (86th) also saw yellow cards. Timau Basel received four yellow cards.

It often happens that Timau Basel scores a lot of goals. In his eight games, Timau Basel has scored an average of 4.1 goals per game. The team has the best offensive in the group. The defense ranks first with an average of 1.5 allowed goals per game.

For Timau Basel, victory means leading the table. The team has 19 points in their account after eight games. The team moves up one place. Timau Basel has won six times, lost once and drawn once.

Timau Basel will play against NK Alkar (4th place) at home for the next time. This game will take place on October 19 (8 p.m., Rankhof, Basel).

For Lausen, the table situation has not changed despite the defeat. The team is unchanged on rank 8 with nine points. Lausen has so far won twice, lost twice and drawn three times.

In the next game Lausen will face a top team away from home: The second-ranked team FC Schwarz-Weiss a. This game will take place on October 16 (5 p.m., Bachgraben, Allschwil).

telegram: FC Lausen 72 – AS Timau Basel 2:3 (2:1) – Bifang, Lausen – Tore: 3. Marco Aluisi 0:1. 33. Alessio Marra 1:1. 35. Aleksandar Dobric 2:1. 65. Marco Aluisi (Penalty) 2:2.80. Mino Montalto 2:3. – Lausen: Leandro Martins Lopes, Antonino Crimi, Manuel Jnglin, Sascha Meder, Saverio Gurri, Ardian Kasa, Jan Gysin, Aleksandar Dobric, Nikola Gadzic, Sharujan Sachithananthan, Alessio Marra. – Basel Teams: Andre Joaquim Brito Neto, Daniel Atanasovski, Omar Mulabdic, Aritz Charles Nieto, Domenico Seminara, Loris Sellaro, Efraim Benoit Ferreira, Armando Langone, Andre Rodrigues Pimenta, Lies Setti, Marco Aluisi. – Warnings: 1. Saverio Gurri, 30. Andre Rodrigues Pimenta, 37. Marco Aluisi, 52. Maxime Barudio, 65. Leandro Martins Lopes, 82. Domenico Seminara, 86. Alessio Marra – exclusion: 82. Leandro Martins Lopes.

All Games of the day in the 3rd league, group 2: FC Lausen 72 – AS Timau Basel 2: 3, FC Stein – FC Reinach 3: 6, NK Posavina – FC Amicitia Riehen 3: 2, FC Liestal – FC Schwarz-Weiss a 2: 2

Tabel: 1. AS Timau Basel 8 games / 19 points (33:12). 2nd FC Schwarz-Weiss a 8/17 (25:16), 3rd FC Liestal 8/14 (25:16), 4th NK Alkar 7/13 (19:12), 5th FC Rheinfelden 7/12 ( 16:17), 6th FC Münchenstein 7/11 (23:21), 7th SV Muttenz 7/10 (13:16), 8th FC Lausen 72 7/9 (17:16), 9th FC Allschwil 7th / 9 (17:18), 10th FC Reinach 8/8 (19:25), 11th SC Münchenstein 6/7 (10:17), 12th NK Posavina 8/7 (14:30), 13th FC Stein 8/7 (25:26), 14th FC Amicitia Riehen 8/4 (15:29).

More details on the game and to 3rd league, group 2 can be found on the FVNWS website. Back to the regional overview: Aargau, Basel-City / Baselland or Solothurn.

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