3rd league, group 2 – Allschwil stumbles against Muttenz – Gregor Mössinger decides the game

3rd league, group 2

Allschwil stumbles against Muttenz – Gregor Mössinger decides the game

Muttenz managed the surprise on Saturday against Allschwil: The 14th-placed team wins at home against the eighth-ranked team 2-1. At the same time, it was Muttenz’s first win of the season in the fifth game.


Muttenz initially fell behind when Alessio Forgione took the lead for Allschwil in the 15th minute. However, Muttenz equalized in the 49th minute and took the lead in the 78th minute. The goal scorers were Mertan Yildiz and Gregor Mössinger.

At Muttenz, Claudio Emanuel Pinto Da Silva Freitas (47th), Mertan Yildiz (52nd) and Ramazan Aldemir (71st) received a yellow card. Allschwil received yellow cards for Boran Yavuz (77th) and Fabian Roth (86th).

The victory brought Muttenz across the line. With four points the team is in 12th place. That is a jump of two places. FC Reinach is new at the bottom of the table. Muttenz has won once, lost three times and drawn once.

Muttenz will play for the next time in an away game against FC Stein (8th place). The game will take place on September 25th (7.15pm, Bustelbach, Stein).

With the defeat, Allschwil moved one place down in the table. The team is now in 9th place with six points. For Allschwil it was already the third defeat in a row. Allschwil also lost at home for the first time.

For Allschwil it continues at home against FC Amicitia Riehen (13th place). This meeting will take place on September 26th (11.00 a.m., Im Brüel, Allschwil,).

telegram: SV Muttenz – FC Allschwil 2: 1 (0: 1) – Margelacker sports field, Muttenz – Tore: 15. Alessio Forgione 0-1. 49. Mertan Yildiz 1: 1. 78. Gregor Mössinger 2: 1. – Muttenz: Lars Mauthe, Pascal Amsler, Leonardo Schlachter, Amit Amiti, Joey Ridacker, Berkant Öztürk, Ramazan Aldemir, Mehmet Gecici, Claudio Emanuel Pinto Da Silva Freitas, Fabio Bächtold, Mertan Yildiz. – Allschwil: Elia Kasper, Luc Schaufelberger, Boran Yavuz, Nicolas Gränacher, Kilian Vetter, Sinan Baris, André Bachmann, Fabian Roth, Rajko Stanojevic, Berkan Ispert, Alessio Forgione. – Warnings: 47. Claudio Emanuel Pinto Da Silva Freitas, 52. Mertan Yildiz, 71. Ramazan Aldemir, 77. Boran Yavuz, 86. Fabian Roth.

All Games of the day in the 3rd league, group 2: SV Muttenz – FC Allschwil 2: 1, FC Reinach – AS Timau Basel 2: 2

Tabel: 1. FC Münchenstein 4 games / 10 points (15: 9). 2. AS Timau Basel 5/10 (21: 6), 3. FC Rheinfelden 4/9 (8: 6), 4. FC Liestal 4/9 (11: 5), 5. FC Schwarz-Weiss a 4/7 (13: 9), 6th FC Lausen 72 4/7 (10: 8), 7th NK Alkar 5/7 (11: 8), 8th FC Stein 4/6 (15:11), 9th FC Allschwil 5/6 (12:14), 10th SC Münchenstein 4/4 (6:12), 11th NK Posavina 4/4 (7:13), 12th SV Muttenz 5/4 (6:15), 13th. FC Amicitia Riehen 5/3 (9:19), 14.FC Reinach 5/2 (8:17).

More details on the game and to 3rd league, group 2 can be found on the FVNWS website. Back to the regional overview: Aargau, Basel-City / Baselland or Solothurn.

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