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360 Video – Redhead.tv

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UECC was at the largest maritime fair in the world, and saw their chance to show off their latest LNG battery powered ship.
360 video is the ideal medium for that.


The pre-production was very important to bring this concept to a successful conclusion. The voice-over was written first so that we could use it to determine the locations.

We shot all the shots in one day.

The post-production of a 360 video is an intensive process. First, all images are stitched, stabilized and cleaned up. Only then can we start with the assembly.

Of video


The video is used all over the world, especially at trade shows where UECC is present.
There, VR glasses are offered to the visitor of the stand so that they can visit the ship through 360 video.

In addition, the video will also be shown in the headquarters in Oslo and Zeebrugge.

360 video is the closest medium to teleportation yet, and UECC makes good use of it.

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