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Millions of Peruvians are waiting for the announced by the Government to help vulnerable families who have suffered the serious economic consequences of the pandemic of the .

QUERY: Bono 700 soles: which are the households that will receive this aid from the State?

Initially, the Minister of Development and Social Inclusion, Dina Boluarte, informed that the delivery of the economic subsidy will begin on September 8 with households that have members in state social programs, but this date has changed.

Bonus 350: What is the new payment date?

The Between, through its official communication channels, indicated that the Yanapay Peru Bonus of 350 soles will begin to be delivered on Monday, September 13. As is known, this support will reach more than 13 million Peruvians.

The payment of the Bonus will be made progressively. To do this, the Government has divided Peruvian households into four. Here we leave you the official schedule.

  • September 13: users of the social programs Pensión 65, Juntos y Contigo.
  • September 24: users with bank accounts, digital wallets, mobile banking and DNI account.
  • 4th of October: users living in rural communities without access to financial systems
  • December 7th: users without bank accounts and who will charge through the Banco de la Nación windows

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Bonus 350: What are the payment methods?

The Government has understood that the financial system provides different tools so that the payment of the Bond is as orderly as possible. In this sense, the following modalities have been established:

  • Deposit to bank accounts
  • Digital wallets
  • Mobile banking
  • Paying carts
  • Windows in bank branches
  • Extended windows (agents)
  • DNI account
  • Home payment to certain beneficiaries who cannot move
  • ATM machines


Dina Boluarte on bonds
Dina Boluarte on bonds




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