300 crazy spectators at the first wrestling gala in Bastogne (video)

300 crazy spectators at the first wrestling gala in Bastogne (video)

Among the 300 spectators, children and seniors

From 6 p.m., a line formed inside the Porte de Trèves sports center. She waits impatiently to enter the hall specially fitted out for the occasion. In the center of the room, a ring is installed and surrounded by bleachers. These are quickly filled with nearly 300 people, all of whom have come to admire a show that one usually only sees on television. While waiting for the evening to begin, we try to be in the front row. We discuss, we get to know each other and we already imagine the scenes we are going to witness.

At 7:00 p.m., the room driver creates an atmosphere for the heterogeneous public. He trains him to react to future blows that will be struck between wrestlers. Among the spectators, men predominate and yet many women also made the trip. Sometimes to share a moment with their spouse, sometimes to see athletes perform a show that promises to be unique. Sitting on the bleachers, children and seniors, all excited to be present. But even more, enthusiasts came directly with their wrestling belts, worn proudly.

The public shouts, boos and encourages the wrestlers

7:15 p.m., the show can begin with, as an entry, the favorite of the evening, the Belgian Aaron Rammy. Professional wrestler and ambassador of the World Catch League (WCL), it is by singing the well-known song “Tous Ensemble”, that he appropriates the favors of the public. This one is more than receptive, sings with him and encourages him as soon as his opponent enters the ring. Because that’s wrestling. There is always a good guy and a bad guy. During the fights, the public screams. He encourages, he boos, he laughs and he cries out in pain at the same time as the wrestlers. Some don’t even sit on their chairs like real supporters.

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In the ring, it takes momentum thanks to the ropes, it jumps, it slaps and it performs holds and figures that we would not dare to reproduce at home. Even if the movements are mastered, that does not prevent athletes from injuring themselves, like RJ Jaguar. The ring board shakes every time a wrestler falls, sending a deafening noise echoing through the sports hall. The fights are sometimes so intense that the ropes break under the weight of the wrestler DarkMondo. But more fear than harm. Then follow other fights with other wrestlers from other countries. As the highlight of the show, everyone enters the ring one last time to fight against each other.

The public does not know where to turn. At 9:30 p.m., the show already ended to great applause. All the wrestlers then give their time to greet, chat, give autographs and pose for souvenir photos. If some spectators found the evening too short, with a 25-minute break after three fights, others took advantage of every second and only hope for one thing, to see such an event again organized in the region. The next WCL wrestling gala in our province will be held in Virton on October 28th.

Ludovic and Ryan: “It’s good that it’s coming to us”

The two men missed nothing of the evening and savored every second. ©EdA

Among the spectators present on Saturday evening in Bastogne, two great wrestling enthusiasts, Ludovic Georges and Ryan Brohee. Both live in the locality and would not have missed the show for anything in the world. Together, they settled on the last step of the stands, high up, each with their wrestling belt. “We’ve been fans for so many years that when we saw that wrestling was coming here to Bastogne, we jumped at the chance.explains Ryan. We have already been to see fights in Paris. It’s a great passion and for once, it’s good that it’s coming to us.” To his friend Ludovic to continue: “The fights were good, they were interesting. It was very qualitative and everyone played their part well. It was really great and we are only waiting for one thing, that the wrestlers come back next year.”

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Aaron Rammy, wrestler: “It was great and the matches were intense”

  Aaron Rammy.
Aaron Rammy. ©EdA

Aaron Rammy leaves as a big favorite of the public. The Belgian was indeed supported from start to finish. “It was awesome! he said. It was really incredible, it was the first time we had come to Bastogne. We expected a fairly warm audience and we were served.”

On the sport side, the athlete leaves satisfied with the evening. “The matches were intense, he adds. Besides, you have seen it, the ring to bursting. When a 135 kg wrestler throws himself into the ropes, sometimes it lets go. It’s like that, it happens, we are professionals. We are in any case looking forward to coming back and I think the public too. It’s the most important thing, that he has a good time and that he leaves with stars in his eyes. And then, he is the one who influences what happens in the ring”

DarkMondo, wrestler: “The public immediately got into the game”

  DarkMondo entered the ring loudly claiming to be the champion.  But that was not the opinion of the public.
DarkMondo entered the ring loudly claiming to be the champion. But that was not the opinion of the public. ©EdA

Great competitor of Aaron Rammy during this gala, DarkMondo alias “The Colossus”, also a Belgian. “I was quite impressed by the presence of the public, Bastogne had a full house, explains the Liégeois. The public reacted directly and immediately got into the game, while most were seeing it with their own eyes for the first time. They immediately understood the rules and that was a great discovery. For that alone, it was a very nice evening.”

DarkMondo was not the favorite, quite the contrary. During the fights, he was booed several times. “Strangely, the public didn’t like me, but that’s the game . Whether he likes me or not, he was there and that’s the main thing. And then, there has to be a good guy and a bad guy. But I always tell myself that when certain people insult me, they are the ones who are sitting watching me, and not the other way around. So it’s me who shines before their eyes”, he says again with humor.

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