3 Types of Powerful Herbal Medicines to Overcome Stomach Acid, from Kitchen Spices to Tea

TRIBUNNEWSSULTRA.COM – Stomach acid is a disease indigestion.

This happens when stomach acid or bile irritating the inner lining of the food duct.

Acid reflux is categorized as a chronic disease.

Acid reflux more than twice a week can indicate GERD.

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Symptoms include pain and burning in the chest after eating and worsening when lying down.

Turns out, apart from drug chemical, GERD can be treated with drug herbal.

Reported by Tribunnewssultra.com from Kompas.com as quoted in Medical News Today, the following are: drug herbal GERD most potent:

1. Ginger

In a study published in NCBI, Ginger able to reduce symptoms GERD.

Ginger is also considered safe for consumption.

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