3-0: Defeat of Castilla in La Condomina

The Real Madrid Castilla could not score in his visit to UCAM Murcia (3-0) on the third day of the First RFEF. The madridista subsidiary lost a match in which they were annulled two goals by Dotor and Gila for controversial offside. Manu, with a double, and Xemi were the scorers for the local team, who added their first win of the season.

The Castile started very strong and in minute 4 he was close to taking the lead after a goal disallowed by a doubtful offside by Dotor. Despite the good start for the visitor, UCAM managed to take advantage of an error by the Madridistas in a corner and Manu, in the second instance, beat Fuidias to make it 1-0. Again, Manu was able to make the second for his team in a header, which ended up crashing into the post (28 ‘). Before the break, those of Raul they had the last chance with a powerful free-kick from Aranda, which ran into Biel’s hands.

UCAM Murcia goals

As soon as the second half started, the Madrid team managed to see the door thanks to a header from Gila but the goal did not go up to the scoreboard for another doubtful offside. In the 52nd minute, Biel was once again the protagonist after taking a saving hand from a right hand in Dotor’s small area. However, when the Castile was going through its best moment, the Murcian team responded and managed to increase the rent with a header from Manu. Our team kept trying in the final minutes, but on 86 ‘a goal from Xemi sealed the victory for UCAM Murcia.


3- UCAM Murcia: Biel, Josete, Alberto (Xemi, 60), Manu (Mario, 74 ‘), Liberto (Josema, 74’), Caballero (Santi, 84 ‘), Chacartegui, Moyita (Nuha, 84’), Armando, Farrando and Admonition.
0- Real Madrid Castilla: Fuidias, Santos, Gila, Pablo Ramón, Marvin (Jaume, 77 ‘), Dotor, Latasa, Arribas, Peter (Theo, 77’), Morante and Aranda (Gudjohnsen, 77 ‘).

(min. 14): Manu.
(min. 55): Manu.
(min. 86): Seei.


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