2nd Bundesliga: Bankruptcy against the “Club” – Fortuna Düsseldorf in free fall

Status: 01/23/2022 09:00 a.m

Fortuna Düsseldorf received the next blow in the neck in the 2nd Bundesliga. After the 0: 3 in Bremen, the next bankruptcy was against 1. FC Nürnberg. It will probably be tight for Fortuna’s coach Christian Preusser, even if sports director Klaus Allofs still has his back.

Next depressing appearance in the 2nd division of Fortuna Düsseldorf: The team of coach Christian Preusser lost 0-1 (0-1) against 1. FC Nürnberg on Friday evening (01/21/2022). Lino Tempelmann scored the goal of the day for the “Club” after just 105 seconds.

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While Nuremberg moved up to fourth place, at least temporarily, Düsseldorf is in free fall and in acute danger of relegation and is still without a point or a goal in the second half of the season. It is doubtful whether Preusser, who came from Freiburg II before the start of the season, still has a great future with Fortuna after just one win from the past ten competitive games.

Allofs regarding coaches: No endgame

Fortuna’s sports director Klaus Allofs said no ARD– Microphone, however, speculation that the game was an endgame for Preußer: “I have to disagree with that. You wanted to interpret it that way. I said Christian Preusser will definitely be our coach for the Nuremberg game. And all other oaths of loyalty for eternity in football, I don’t think they are realistic.” But you could feel that the team played for the coach in a certain way.

Preusser cannot answer questions about his future

It remains to be seen how Allofs’ statements are ultimately to be evaluated – especially since Preusser in large parts of the Fans has now lost every loan and the club environment is traditionally restless in times of crisis. Preusser said on the ARD microphone about the game: “At the end of the day you have to say that the Punch simply missing at the front, although the possibilities were actually there.” When asked if he will still be seen as a Fortuna coach in the upcoming game against Kiel, he said: “Of course that’s a question I can’t answer.”

The day before the game, Düsseldorf’s coach had said: “We ignore the circumstances. What matters is that we have to get out of the situation.” Due to the corona, there was initially nothing to see in front of only 750 spectators in the Düsseldorf Arena, Preussers slept through the initial phase Team fully.

“Club” with lightning start

In the second minute, Düsseldorf’s Tempelmann let the ball through the midfield unchallenged. Nikola Dovedan deflected the shot from Nuremberg from 19 meters out, Fortuna goalkeeper Florian Kastenmeier got his fingers on the ball but couldn’t prevent the impact.

Four minutes later, the Düsseldorf defense was still in a deep sleep. After a pass from Pascal Köpke, Tempelmann failed from five meters to Kastenmeier. As a result, he stayed FCN the more aggressive and considered acting Teamalthough Khaled Narey (13th minute) missed the first really good chance for Düsseldorf in front of “Club” goalkeeper Christian Mathenia.

Fortuna fights his way into the game

The Fortunes were not lacking in will and commitment. The Düsseldorfers fought their way into the game better after 25 minutes, also because Nürnberg acted increasingly too passively. Goalkeeper Kastenmeier (35′) – albeit after a nudge against Dovedan – initiated a strong Fortuna counterattack with a long drive to Shinta Appelkamp, ​​then Robert Bozenik put the ball past Mathenia to the left of the goal. Mathenia parried a dangerous long-range shot from Bozenik (45′).

Kastenmeier directs the ball to the crossbar

In the second round, the Fortunes started much more alert and determined, but had to be wary of Nuremberg counterattacks again and again. The Düsseldorfers were lucky when, after a corner, Kastenmeier (54th) artistically deflected a shoulder ball from Christopher Schindler to the crossbar.

Düsseldorf continued to have major problems creating compelling chances – on the one hand because the midfield was often not overcome quickly enough, on the other hand because the Fortunes were afraid to take risks early on given the narrow deficit.

In the 70th minute Düsseldorf’s Sturmtank Rouwen Hennings Appelkamp put the ball in the run, which failed from a tight angle on the right in the penalty area at Mathenia. Substitute Ao Tanaka (73′) fired a shot from distance to the right of the Nuremberg goal.

Just a home win for Fortuna

The Fortunes tried everything they could in the closing stages, but they couldn’t get a goal. So it remained with the depressing record of only one home win for the Düsseldorf team so far.

Düsseldorf in Kiel, Nuremberg welcomes Ingolstadt

Düsseldorf will now play Holstein Kiel on the 21st matchday on Sunday (February 6th, 2022, 1:30 p.m.). Nuremberg welcomes FC Ingolstadt two days earlier at 6:30 p.m.


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