28-year-old woman dies in violent collision in Grândola – Portugal

A 28-year-old girl died and two men were seriously injured in a collision between two cars followed by rollover on Estrada Nacional 261, at the Grândola junction, in the municipality of Grândola.

Contacted by the Lusa agency, the source of the General Command of the GNR added that the two serious injuries also resulting from this accident are two men, one 20 years old and the other 28 years old. One of the injured was transported to the Garcia de Orta hospital in Almada. The second victim was transported by ambulance to the Hospital do Litoral Alentejano, in the municipality of Santiago do Cacém.

The alert was given at 12:26 pm. The EN261, in the area where the collision took place, was closed to traffic in both directions, but road traffic is already proceeding “in a conditioned way”, the GNR source told Lusa.

The firefighters of Grândola, Alcácer do Sal and the authorities were on site, with a total of 27 operatives, supported by 12 vehicles. The INEM helicopter was also called to the scene.


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