25 years in prison for the assassination of trafficker Samy Verdier in Colomiers

25 years of criminal imprisonment for Youssef Varela de Barros and Aboubeker Berchane. The verdict of the Haute-Garonne Assize Court fell overnight from Thursday to Friday. The Advocate General had requested 30 years on Thursday.

“Satisfactory” verdict for the victim’s family

The two “henchmen” were found guilty of the murder of drug trafficker Samy Verdier, in Colomiers in February 2019. According to the investigation by the judicial police, the dealer wanted to recover a deal point from the Tabar estate in the Pink City, taken over by the competition during his incarceration. “It’s a satisfying decision” estimated the lawyer for the victim’s family, Me Pierre Dunac “the verdict sanctions exceptional dangerousness, a heinous and premeditated crime”.

The respondents deny and accuse Brother Verdier

Youssef Varela de Barros, 28, known as “Ursaf”, and Aboubeker Berchane, 27, known as “Boobs” had denied the facts throughout the week, taking advantage of the hearing to attribute responsibility for the crime to the brother by Samy Verdier, Medhi; “ I saw the shooter aiming at Samy and the flashes coming out of the barrel” said Berchane, one of the two co-defendants without however convincing the jurors.

The four men had originally met “for a carrot”, a theft of narcotics from competing dealers. Berchane and Varella, two childhood friends of the Verdiers, were they paid to assassinate a trafficker who had become a nuisance and who had escaped at least one fatal shooting in Toulouse? This is the thesis put forward by Medhi Verdier, in this rather tense trial, where the defense lawyers Mes Alexandre Martin or Parra-Bruguière sometimes clashed with the civil party, without however going as far as the session incident. The defense has indicated its intention to appeal the verdict.


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