25-year-old wanted to join IS: imprisonment

The accused had already served the prison section in custody. He accepted the verdict, the prosecutor made no statement. The guilty verdict is therefore not final.

Turned around again in 2014 during a trip to the “Islamic State”

The now 25-year-old man with Turkish roots, who lives in Flachgau, wanted to join the “Islamic State” in 2014, according to the indictment. He is said to have collected donations for the trip in a mosque and then flew to Istanbul with two friends in March 2014. There the trio was picked up by members of the IS and initially housed in a conspiratorial apartment. On the way to the Syrian border, the man changed his plans during a stopover. He contacted his family, and the Turkish police finally stopped the bus.

The man and his friends returned to Austria, but initially remained undisturbed by the local authorities. It was only this January that the Vienna public prosecutor’s office brought charges against suspicion of terrorism. The 25-year-old was arrested at the end of March and released again after a few weeks in custody. He had never reached Syrian soil and was not trained as a fighter either: “The offense has already been completed with the announcement that he wants to join IS and the meeting with people who can be assigned to IS,” the prosecutor said today .

Late charges for defense attorney “obscure”

“The event was a long time ago. From my point of view, the late indictment is a mystery, ”emphasized the man’s defense attorney. The allegations themselves admit his client. In 2013, when he was 17 at the time, he and his best friend were increasingly interested in radical Islam by an older acquaintance in a Flachgau mosque and supplied with IS propaganda material.

“After arriving in Istanbul, they had to hand over their SIM cards, for example. And some of them were also imprisoned, ”said the defense attorney. During the bus trip to the border, his client made the decision not to travel to Syria “under the impression of the circumstances”. During a break, he got a new SIM card and gave his family the whereabouts.

25-year-olds: Don’t believe in IS anymore

The defendant did not want to comment on the allegations on Wednesday. “I should have left my boyfriend alone back then. I regret that, I traveled with you because of him, “he said simply. The friend himself committed suicide in 2015, and separate proceedings are underway against the alleged agitator from the mosque. He thinks nothing of IS anymore, the 25-year-old assured in court. And his lawyer emphasized that according to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, he no longer posed a risk of radicalization.

Torn from sleep by Cobra

The man was also accused of resisting state violence on Wednesday. He is said to have resisted a demonstration in court in July. The trial against him had already been scheduled at the time, but was then canceled. Despite an email from the court, the police assumed that the appointment would take place and arrived with the Cobra – also because the defendant, who had four previous convictions, was last seen as aggressive. He was woken up by masked officers and reportedly punched his hands and feet uncontrollably to resist the arrest. “You couldn’t get through to him verbally, and he didn’t show any pain,” said one of the Cobra officials at the trial. The 25-year-old could only be tamed with a taser and handcuffs and ankle cuffs.

“My client was massively psychotic and depressed at the time and suffered from delusions,” emphasized his defense lawyer.

2014 victim of a knife attack

The defendant suffers from the consequences of a serious crime that he fell victim to shortly after returning to Austria at the end of 2014. The 25-year-old was attacked by a teenager and suffered knife stabs in the head, neck, face and shoulder, and an eye socket was also pierced.

“Since then he has suffered from a severe post-traumatic stress disorder and permanent consequences such as visual disturbances, chronic headaches and circulatory problems,” said the lawyer. A court opinion assumes that the man is at least partially sane and also able to negotiate. The defendant himself assured in court on Wednesday that he was better now that he was well adjusted to medication.


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