24-year-old dies in police custody – first results

A young man who had just been taken into custody suddenly collapsed and died in Düsseldorf. Now the first autopsy results should relieve the police.

The autopsy of a 24-year-old who lost consciousness on the way to police custody in Düsseldorf and died shortly afterwards in hospital provides initial insights into the cause of death.

As the public prosecutor’s office in Düsseldorf and the police in Duisburg announced on Wednesday, the autopsy did not reveal any evidence of injuries that could have explained the man’s death. However, the forensic examinations had not yet been completed.

In particular, the results of the man’s blood test are not yet available, the investigators said. These could also provide information about possible drug use.

Autopsy in progress: Duisburg police are investigating after death in police custody

Because the 24-year-old had put up considerable resistance to the intended personal identification “according to the current investigation” and behaved in a mentally disturbing manner, the officials wanted to take him to the station. When he was taken into police custody, he continued to riot and then suddenly lost consciousness.

Rescue workers and an ambulance revived the 24-year-old and took him to a hospital, where he died on Monday evening. Since there were indications that the man could have been on drugs, blood samples were taken from him. For reasons of neutrality, the Duisburg police had taken over the investigation. The circumstances of the detention are still being determined, it said.

The Düsseldorf case is reminiscent of the death of Giorgos Zantiotis in early November

At the beginning of November, 25-year-old Giorgos Zantiotis died in police custody in Wuppertal. He had used amphetamines, cocaine and cannabis before his death, according to a blood analysis. In addition, the man had suffered from cardiac insufficiency due to a pathologically enlarged heart. Zantiotis behaved extremely aggressively before collapsing, authorities said.

The police were heavily criticized at the time, among other things, because they had not reported on the incident for days, although video of the arrest was already circulating on social media and journalists had repeatedly asked. The recordings show several officers forcibly pressing the man who later died on the ground. Meanwhile, a crying person begs the police officers: “Please, please. No! He’s a child”.


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