22 boats bypass the dam of the Saint-Laurent-Nouan nuclear power plant by land

This is a first for this flotilla which goes up the Loire downstream. Twenty-two boats had to bypass the dam at the Saint-Laurent-Nouan nuclear power plant by going overland. It is impossible to pass through the water.

They decided to up the Loire to Orleans for the Loire Festival. On their way, the 22 boats which constitute for the moment the flotilla had to face a foreseen but major obstacle, the dam of the Saint-Laurent-Nouan nuclear power plant. Impassable on water. It’s because of EDF help, who owns the power plant, that this first “crossing” was possible.

A first that should open the door to other sailors, the objective being to to sign an agreement in the long term, which would allow those who wish to do the same, by anticipating a little.

The boats are out of the water downstream of the dam, transit on trailer behind 4x4s and are put back in the river on the other side, upstream.


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