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21 arrests and 35 suspects

by drbyos

Helicopters in east Rome, carabinieri sirens, arrests and 35 people under investigation, of which 11 finite in carcere, 10 under house arrest e 14 with the obligation of residence. This is the scenario of the ‘Alcatraz’ operation that recounts yet another blitz in Tor Bella Monaca, a few days after the one that led toarrest of 51 people only on April 27th.

Around 6 in the morning today, the carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Rome (approx 200 those engaged today) have enforced a precautionary detention order, issued by the GIP of the Court of Rome, at the request of the local Prosecutor’s District Anti-Mafia Directorate. The thirty-five suspects are all held responsible for an “association aimed at the sale of drugs of cocaine” in the neighborhood.

Blitz in via Camassei: arrests of the carabinieri

Since the beginning of the investigative activity, the investigators have been able to understand that the drug dealing activity that developed in via Camassei was not attributable to sporadic episodes of individual pushers, but that to what, according to the investigators, was a “criminal organization, headed by a single local family, hierarchically structured”.

The investigations started from the base of the association, or rather from pusher present daily on the square shop, from which it was possible to map the roles and tasks of the criminal association, also “thanks to a capillary interceptive coverage, observation services and a patient reconstruction of internal dynamics”, explain the investigators.

The welfare of the shop in via Camassei

During the investigations, the efficiency of the criminal group was also ascertained in maintaining its operations unchanged despite repeated arrests and kidnappings. “The leaders of the association have punctually adopted targeted measures aimed at making the association impermeable to investigative activities, using fictitious telephone numbers replaced at each arrest”, explain the investigators.

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Also, to secure the loyalty of the members, the leaders of the gang of the shop in via Camassei provided economic contributions for lawyers and the sostentation to the detainee and to family members, effectively creating a “social safety net”. Basically, the shop was run like a real company, with specifics eight-hour shifts, such as to guarantee day and night operations without ever interrupting the activity. At each shift, a manager called the “shift manager”, the only one authorized to interact with the bosses, supervises.

The profits deriving from the shop, according to what was reconstructed by the military of the Norm of Frascati, hovered over further 220 thousand euros per week, with peaks at the weekend, when young people who bought the drug were also poured into the nightclubs in the area in the pre-Covid period.

The ‘coca’ refinery in Fiano Romano

In over a year of investigation, the Carabinieri of the Norm of Frascati have arrested approximately 85 personand in the act, seizing over 4 kilos of cocaine, two kilos of hashish and about one hundred thousand euros in cash. Investigators also managed to locate a cocaine refinery in Fiano Romano, the place where the drug was packaged ready to be sold in the shop square in via Camassei.

During this night’s operation, the Frascati carabinieri also executed two preventive seizure decrees issued by the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office, removing from the availability of the leaders of the association a tobacconist and three boats; the latter, moored at the Fiumicino pier, for an estimated value of over four hundred thousand euros, purchased thanks to the shop.

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During the executive phases of this morning’s operation, dozens of searches, including against persons not affected by the precautionary custody order, also made it possible to find and seize approximately 20,000 euros in cash, hundreds of doses of drugs and 3 luxury watches.

The praise of the Prefect

“Just a few days after the previous one, another brilliant operation by the carabinieri of Rome in Tor Bella Monaca, which annihilates the criminal organizations involved in drug trafficking in that territory “, comments the Prefect of Rome, Matteo Piantedosi.” An infinite thanks and immense satisfaction for the tireless commitment and for the important results achieved. The commitment of all the police forces on the territory of the capital continues unabated to guarantee safety and legality. The Institutions – he adds – are always alongside the community: even in such a delicate moment for our country, there can be no respite in the fight against organized crime “.

Zingaretti: “The Lazio Region is present in Tor Bella Monaca”

On Facebook, the president of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti, stressed that “the fight against crime passes through this type of action, but also through the presence of the institutions alongside the women and men who honestly live and animate those neighborhoods every day. “. “The Lazio Region – he adds – is present at Tor Bella Monaca with the renovation of the Ater towers and the creation of green areas and sports areas, and in all the more peripheral areas where there is a greater need for investments and redevelopment. Just today we will be in another symbolic place of the city, to say that intimidation and crime cannot have won: in Centocelle, in the premises of the ex Pecora Elettrica, set on fire twice, we will inaugurate the “One hundred crossings” center, the result of a job done together with the many neighborhood associations to start writing a new story for those spaces. It is a very high challenge, which we want to play to the end “.

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The comet of Raggi

“Thanks to the Carabinieri, the Rome Tribunal and the DDA for the anti-drug operation in Tor Bella Monaca. 21 people belonging to a criminal organization arrested. The shop square in via Camassei was vanquished: illegal profits of over 220 thousand euros per week. Forward #ATestaAlta”, commented Raggi on Twitter.


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