“It could well be a stationary speed camera” – letters to the editor Breisgau

TRAFFIC IN BURG-BIRKENHOF On September 28th we reported on a citizens’ initiative criticizing the traffic in Burg-Birkenhof. We received a letter from the editor about this: In the last paragraph of a BZ article, one learns quite casually that the east connection of the municipality of Kirchzarten will be closed to general traffic at the […]

Valverde threatens the bipartisanship of Barça and Real Madrid

09/30/2022 at 23:18 CEST Athletic, after beating Almería, is third, two points behind the leader and tied on points with the Blaugrana The ‘Txingurri’ has returned to La Catedral through the front door in a spectacular start to LaLiga Real Madrid leads the LaLiga standings with plenty of victories and eighteen points after six games. […]

Shine on smart phones at the Thailand Mobile Expo 2022 [by Papayatop]

Shine on smart phones at the Thailand Mobile Expo 2022 [by Papayatop]

Thailand Mobile Expo 2022. If you miss it, you have to come and see it. Come to shop for new mobile phones at the end of the year. Come back to the old place that we are familiar with. ‘Queen Sirikit Convention Center’ with a new style ‘easy to walk, convenient, plenty of parking’, connect […]

Beyonce and jay-z, here’s the most expensive car in the world: they own it

Being big stars undoubtedly generates great benefits: Beyonce and jay-z prove it, who for example have what is considered the most expensive car in the world: they have it themselves. What car are we talking about? Jay-Z e Beyonce they do not let themselves be talked about behind. Fame, wealth, love for beautiful things and […]

Showcases for shops

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