Handball: the Toulonnaises punished by Dijon

In the penalty game, Dijon punished Toulon. This Friday evening, for their fourth game of the LFH season – the third at the sports hall, the JDA swept the TMV 38 to 28. The Burgundians notably widened the gap in the score in the middle of the first period, taking advantage of almost each ball […]

Gayà smiles at the World Cup and the renewal with Valencia

José Luis Gayà received SUPER at the City of Football in Las Rozas with the new World Cup skin of the Spanish team, with the UEFA Nations League ball in his hands and, most importantly, with a smile from ear to ear on his face. The Valencia captain smiles again after many weeks of suffering […]

here is the new anti-aging technique that seduces us all!

When autumn comes into our daily lives and the last traces of tan are definitely gone, the skin becomes less luminous and the features are much more marked. Dull, greyish, out of breath and visible wrinkles… We’ve found the beauty gesture that’s all the rage in 2022 and which is rising to the very top […]