The hidden lie in Anil’s story

However, the official statement that the club issued on May 30 said the opposite. “The Council considers that a change in leadership is required to restore the credibility of the fans and the community in order to position Valencia on the path to success. With immediate effect, Anil Murthy will cease to be president and […]

Video of a boxer hitting a man who poured juice on his head

A young Thai man paid a high price for molesting a girl in a hotel in the capital, Bangkok, after he poured juice on her head; For refusing to give him her phone number, she punched and beat him and chased him out of the restaurant. And the British newspaper dailymail published, on its website, […]

The Invention of Childhood

Documentary, 26 min, 16mm, 2000. Director: Liliana Sulzbach SYNOPSIS: Being a child does not mean having a childhood. A reflection on what it means to be a child in the contemporary world. One of the most awarded gaucho films of all time, with 20 awards. Shown in theaters with programming in Brazil and sold in […]

TV4 News | The cultural commitment of San Francisco del Rincón

{“4-1”:{“league”:””,”programs”:[{“produccion”:”De Rebote”,”foto”:””,”hora”:”16:30:00″,”duracion”:”00:30:00″,”sinopsis”:”Es un programa de diu00e1logo infantil guiado a travu00e9s de un conductor divertido; donde niu00f1os y niu00f1as de diferentes edades, intercambian opiniones sobre temas de interu00e9s comu00fan. Es un foro de libre expresiu00f3n donde todas las opiniones cuentan, se divierten y se enriquecen al trabajar todos juntos la definiciu00f3n de un tema.”,”capitulo”:{“capitulo”:””,”sinopsis”:””}},{“produccion”:”Big Band Clan”,”foto”:””,”hora”:”17:00:00″,”duracion”:”00:30:00″,”sinopsis”:”Levantarse […]