ACB Playoffs: Barcelona strike first against Gran Canaria | Sports

Mirotic, against Salvó, in the first game of the ‘playoffs’ quarterfinal seriesAlejandro Garcia (EFE) When it seemed that Barça was fading again and wasting a wide lead -as happened in the European semifinal of the Final Four against Madrid-, the team, well led by Calathes and complemented by Davies, knew how to correct themselves in […]

SWR2 Jazz vor eleven on June 16, 2022 – SWR2

“I’m really such a mixed bag and I actually think that’s why I still enjoy music so much,” Joo Kraus once said on SWR2. The trumpeter, singer and composer, who has been making music for 30 years, solo and in various ensembles, belongs to the international jazz elite and has received many awards. His music […]

Summary first day Gran Premio d’Italia Oakley

Joan Mir | photo© Dorna Sports On Friday, the MotoGP riders in Mugello raced twice for free practice on the first day of the Gran Premio d’Italia Oakley. In the video below a summary of these two sessions on a very warm Mugello circuit. Thanks to Ziggo Sport Racing. Handige links Gran Premio d’Italia Oakley: […]

Giants manager sends tough message to politicians

The tragedy in Uvaldi, Texas that happened this week, in which an 18-year-old murdered 21 people, 18 children and two teachers in a primary school in that town. As always happens in the United States after these massacresthe debate is polarized between those who call for restrictions and controls on arms sales, and those who […]

New radar from VUB team looks in and through walls

At the ETRO (Engineering ICT & Electronics) department of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), a research team has developed a radar that makes it possible to look in and through walls, ceilings and floors. The instrument is intended to help renovators and restorers in buildings where a detailed technical plan is lacking. In many buildings […]

the draw for Friday, May 27, 2022 [EN LIGNE]

the draw for Friday, May 27, 2022 [EN LIGNE]

EUROMILLIONS. The Euromillions draw on Friday May 27, 2022 has delivered its verdict. There were no winners in today’s draw. The results are available on this page now. [Mis à jour le 27 mai à 22h38] The week ended with a nice kitty put into play on the occasion of the draw for theEuromillions. And […]

The sound [ø] e – Lecture CP – Cycle 2

The sound [ø] e – Lecture CP – Cycle 2

#lecture #nationlearning #education #écoleàlamaison In order to be able to follow the progress of the reading videos, I recommend having seen the video or mastering the sounds [a], [i], [r], [l], [e], [o], [s], [y] et [f]. Reading is a complex activity that requires strong mobilization of cognitive abilities. It goes through the deciphering of […]

Today’s earthquakes in Peru, according to IGP: Check HERE the record of movements today, Friday, May 27 | Tremor in Peru | Tremor in Lima | TDEX | rmmn | PERU

These are the latest reports seismic registered in Peru, for this Friday, May 27, 2022. Our country is located in the “Pacific Ring of Fire”, where the so-called convergence zones are located, which are borders of tectonic plates that collide with each other giving rise to subduction processes by which. These are introduced below the […]

Georgina Rodriguez: First red carpet after the death of her baby

She’s back in the spotlight! Georgina Rodriguez (28) shared shocking news with her fans in April: Because the partner of kicker Cristiano Ronaldo (37) lost one of her two twin babies with whom she was pregnant at the time. The model spoke up online – for example with an emotional post for her husband. But […]

Is this a “doorway” on Mars?

Is there really a door we see in this picture? And could it be proof that there is life on the red planet? Unfortunately, this is not the front door to aliens on Mars. Professor Sanjeev Gupta in London, tell The Daily Telegraph that the “door” is there for natural reasons. Nothing unusual – The […]