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2022 work calendar in Madrid: dates, what days are holidays and when there are long weekends

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The Governing Council of the Madrid’s community approved last Wednesday the working calendar for the year 2022. According to the regional government, the Community of Madrid will have 12 public holidays.

The most significant alteration of the new calendar is the change of the San José holiday, which when it falls on Saturday will be work. Therefore, it will be replaced by Monday, July 25, the feast of Santiago Apóstol. Another variation with respect to last year’s calendar is the change of holiday to Christmas Day (Sunday, December 25), which is moved to the next day because it falls on the weekend, Monday, December 26, 2022.

Work calendar

In this way, the Community of Madrid has established that the work calendar for the next year 2022 read as follows.

– January 1 (Saturday): New Years Day

– January 6 (Thursday): Epiphany of the Lord

– April 14: Holy Thursday

– April 15, Good Friday

– May 2 (Monday): Festival of the Community of Madrid

– July 25 (Monday): Santiago Apóstol.

– August 15 (Monday): Assumption of the Virgin.

– October 12 (Wednesday): Columbus Day.

– November 1 (Tuesday): All Saints’ Day.

– December 6 (Tuesday): Spanish Constitution Day.

– December 8 (Thursday): Immaculate Conception

– December 26 (Monday): transfer from December 25, Sunday, Christmas.


At 12 public holidays established by the Community of Madrid It will be necessary to add the two local festivals that each council will determine and you will have to advertise for the next several weeks. In the case of the city of Madrid, everything indicates that it will be:

– The November 9 (Wednesday): La Almudena festival.

– Another of the dates chosen would be May 15 (San Isidro). However, when it falls on Sunday it is possible that it will be exchanged for the September 9 (Friday), feast of Santa María de la Cabeza.

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