2022-2023 ranking of students’ favorite cities

In addition to our ranking of the best student cities, l’Etudiant has also asked you to choose your favorite student city. Budget, accommodation or atmosphere: you have assigned a score to highlight the strengths and sometimes weaknesses of your city. Discover your 2022 winners and an anthology of your opinions.

Let’s go for the tour of France of student cities! For this new edition of the ranking of the best student cities, we have asked the opinion of students from March to July 2022 via a questionnaire.

If during the tournament on social networks in partnership with the Decentralized Memes account, La Rochelle (17) came out a big winnerin our questionnaire, Strasbourg (67) is the most recommended by students. Thus, 98.75% of Strasbourg students who responded would recommend their city to other students. She is closely followed by Angers (49) which is recommended by 98.57% of its students.

La Rochelle has nothing to envy to the most European of French cities, since 97.28% of La Rochelle students who responded recommend their city. In fact, 32 cities have a recommendation rate of more than 80%. Like what, the majority of cities in our ranking seem to satisfy young students. Or should we see a little chauvinism there?

Rang Ville Recommendation rate Highlight of the city
1 Strasbourg 98,75% Pleasant
2 Angers 98,57% Pleasant
3 Toulouse 98,28% Good student atmosphere
4 Rennes 98,24% Good student atmosphere
5 Lyon 97,29% Dynamic
6 La Rochelle 97,28% Pleasant
7 Caen 96,92% Pleasant
8 Tours 96,22% Pleasant
9 Lille 95,86% Good student atmosphere
10 Dijon 95,28% Pleasant
11 Clermont-Ferrand 95,24% Pleasant
12 Bordeaux 94,95% Dynamic
13 chamber 94,72% Pleasant
14 Besancon 94,65% Pleasant
15 Montpellier 94,34% Good student atmosphere
16 Metz 93,22% Pleasant
17 Troyes 92,59% Adapted to the student budget
18 Nancy 92,17% Good student atmosphere
19 Pau 92,11% Pleasant
20 Brest 91,98% Adapted to the student budget
21 Saint Etienne 91,87% Adapted to the student budget
22 Nantes 91,10% Dynamic
23 Limoges 91,07% Adapted to the student budget
24 Grenoble 90,62% Transports
25 Rouen 90,00% Good student atmosphere
26 Poitiers 89,02% Adapted to the student budget
27 Amiens 87,17% Good student atmosphere
28 Marseille-Aix-en-Provence 86,11% Pleasant
29 Orléans 84,47% Pleasant
30 Reims 83,60% Pleasant
31 Le Havre 82,43% Support for associations
32 Paris 80,14% Dynamic
33 Le Mans 78,57% Adapted to the student budget
34 Toulon 73,84% Health
35 Nice 70,67% Pleasant
36 Mulhouse 63,53% Adapted to the student budget
37 Perpignan 55,32% Sport
Douai Lens
Fort de France
Pointe-a-Pitre-Les Abymes
Saint-Denis (Reunion)

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The emblematic local prides of students

To read the comments left in our questionnaire, the pride of the students regularly comes from the local personalities. Starting with Caen (14), where rapper Orelsan is often mentioned. The artist also went to the Caen student carnival in April 2022. “He is loyal to his city as much as to the students”, writes a 22-year-old Caennaise. But the Norman artist does not have the monopoly of the heart. Jul, the Marseille superstar, also appears several times in the comments of young students from Marseille (13).

Artists are not the only emblematic symbols cited. Gastronomy is also part of the local pride. The quiche Lorraine is brandished as an emblem at Metz (57), Dijon mustard (21). In Alsace, and more particularly in Strasbourg, “we eat quality sauerkraut and stuff ourselves with spaetzles in Munster”, says a 26-year-old student.

If it is to be consumed in moderation, allusions to alcohol are numerous. In Caen, you mention “l’Embuscade”, the local cocktail. To Grenoble (38), Chartreuse. The wine war is also being played out between Besançon and Bordeaux students.

Under the benches of the university, the beach

The living environment also contributes to satisfying the students. In cities by the sea such as Marseille, Brest (29), La Rochelle, Le Havre (76), Montpellier (34), Toulon (83) or Nice (06), the students love “the holiday atmosphere when you get out of class“. At the same time, who would say no to “a trip to the sea after a long day of lessons”?

For those who prefer the mountains, head Clermont-Ferrand (63), where many students favor studying with “the view of the Puys chain”. In Grenoble and Chambéry (73) too, students appreciate being surrounded by mountains.

Nature is also the asset of Besançon (25) described as “a small green setting”. In “Little Rome”, “nature is accessible on foot even from the city center”, we are assured. This makes the city of Franche-Comté a “pleasant to live in” city.

The strengths of student cities

If you are looking for the most festive cities, according to our questionnaire, Toulouse (31), Montpellier, Lille (59) or Rennes (35) are renowned for their good student atmosphere. Evidence in Ille-et-Vilaine, Rennes students could be awarded the gold palm of self-mockery, those who cite “demonstrations and punks” as a local specificity. And it’s not just in the biggest student cities that the atmosphere is good. It is also the strength of Nancy (54), from Rouen (76) andAmiens (80).

For those looking for a city where the budget will not be exorbitant, students recommend Mulhouse (68), Le Mans (72), Poitiers (86), Limoges (87), Saint Etienne (42), Brest and Troyes (10). Moreover, it is also in these cities that the price of a pint of beer is the lowest.

It is in Saint-Étienne that glass costs the least according to your statements: 4.78 euros on average. You will also have it for less than 5 euros in Limoges, Le Mans and Rennes. To find the cheapest espressos, it will be towards Chambéry (1.58 euro). Then Grenoble, Brest, Dijon, Saint-Étienne and Orléans (45) where they are less than 1.65 euros on average.

The environmental action of student cities

This year, you emphasize again the environmental commitment of La Rochelle (4.53/5) and Strasbourg (4.35/5). Grenoble steals third place from Rennes with 4.23/5. Moreover, many people mention the ease of getting around by bike in the Grenoble metropolis.

Angers, Besançon and Tours (37) also stand out on this part, but this time it is rather the many parks that seem to delight young students. Perpignan (66) and Marseille on the other hand have efforts to make. Their rating is less than 3/5.


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