Paradise – music video

Music and Video © & ℗ 2008 Jan Edward Vogels. (Remastered in HD on June 9, 2012) Watch my music at: “Paradise” is a year-round photo. lonely day.

WTO ministerial postponed due to Covid

The 164 members of the WTO are meeting in Geneva for a long-awaited ministerial, delayed by a year. Subsidies to fishing, pandemic, the challenges are important for the institution. Opposed to a lifting of patents in the face of the coronavirus, Switzerland is under pressure. Officially organized by Kazakhstan, the meeting, scheduled for Tuesday to […]

Russia, China and India condemn trade protectionism and unilateral sanctions

Published: 26 nov 2021 19:28 GMT The foreign ministers of the three countries expressed in a virtual meeting their disapproval of various defiant practices of Western nations. Russia, China and India condemn trade protectionism, the practice of politically motivated unilateral sanctions and the use of force in international affairs, he claimed Russian Foreign Minister Sergey […]

Derksen impressed by Dessers: ”Both goals were brilliant” (Poll)

Cyriel Dessers has been crowned match winner or star player several times since his arrival at Feyenoord. The striker also scored twice against Slavia Prague to send his team into the knockout phase of the Conference League. Many analysts were very skeptical about Dessers’ arrival, including Johan Derksen. ”It is not a player for Feyenoord […]

Weird quantum effect proves after 30 years – Science Times

Wolfgang Ketterle, a physics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States, succeeded in creating a new state of matter in which numerous atoms are united as one by realizing ‘Bose-Einstein agglomeration’ at near absolute temperature. Cornell, Y. Together with Mun, he was awarded the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physics. However, […]

Corona tuition in Meerbusch

November 26, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. Education in Meerbusch : City receives almost 400,000 euros for “extra time learning” Meerbusch Many students have not been able to study as effectively during the corona pandemic as they would under other circumstances. The city of Meerbusch wants to make it possible to catch up with appropriate offers, […]

Course side – Why Marie-Antoinette’s rating keeps rising

A portrait of 16-year-old Dauphine Marie-Antoinette has turned collectors’ heads. Each week, Stéphane Bern deciphers the royal news with a new meeting: Côté Cours. Can Queen Marie-Antoinette dethrone Napoleon I in the hearts of collectors of historical memories? Throughout the auctions, the relics of the unfortunate queen are snapped up at a high price, like […]

These highways get full on weekends

Berlin / Munich – Half of Germany is during the autumn holidays – many travel by car. Therefore, it could get busier on the motorways in some places this coming weekend (October 15th to 17th). Especially since the holiday start is also coming up in the Netherlands and Denmark. That’s how he calculates Auto Club […]

The Sevilla striker who could sign for Real Madrid

Florentino Pérez, Real Madrid © photo by Alberto Fornasari Real Madrid host Sevilla at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium next Sunday, November 28, on the fifteenth day of La Liga Santander. A showdown between two teams from the top of the qualifier that have several aspects in common. Recent history is linked between the two by […]