This is the secret of the Galapagos Giant Tortoise Can Live Long and Cancer Free

NEW YORK – Galapagos giant tortoise including one of the animals that able to live long on earth. Even the Galapagos giant tortoise has the ability to destroy cancer cells in his body. Since Charles Darwin’s discovery in the Galapagos Islands, these giant tortoises have had different physical characteristics. One is capable of living for […]

For Barca transfer: Dani Alves turned down two lucrative offers

Returning Dani Alves has turned down two much better paid offers in the run-up to his transfer to FC Barcelona. According to information from GOAL and SPOX the two offers came from Mexican first division clubs. One of the two offers would have had a contract term of two years and would have brought the […]

The famous sisters who also shine in the show

In the entertainment world there are surnames that are recognized, just belonging to them augurs instant success, such is the case of the Kardashian family or even in Mexico the surname Derbez. However, there are families in which after a member becomes famous, this opens the doors to her sisters. There are several cases such […]

Torspektakel in Cologne – Bietigheim Steelers are now last

Lesedauer: ca. 1 Minute A five-digit number of spectators in Cologne, where 10,791 fans saw the 7-3 goal spectacle against the Bietigheim Steelers. More than 10,000 fans came to Berlin and there were over 8,000 in Düsseldorf. Was that it for now with such crowds? The restriction of the number of spectators to a quarter […]

The municipalities of Galicia most affected in infections and incidence

Note: In a few days we will stop making this news and your key information (contagion rankings) will be integrated into the main news of Galicia. One more day we review the incidence of all Galicia with lists, tables and maps, starting with the seven cities and their areas. We also tell you which are […]

New Adele album: suffering at a high level

The pop icon has already given small and larger insights into “30” in the last few days and weeks. At the beginning of October, the number 30 was projected around the world on prominent buildings such as the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Colosseum in Rome, but also in […]