We are proud to present “RUGGED POINT”, a long-distance adventure in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Spring Island, one square kilometer of wild forest on Canada’s rugged west coast. MANERA athletes set up a small camp and lived there for seven days, looking for wind, waves and adventures. We ended up […]

Cristiano Ronaldo: “Being myself is boring”

Cristiano Ronaldo sometimes makes statements that you would not expect from a man in his position. The football legend has only just returned to Manchester United, the club that began its conquest in the European football leagues. His career brought him everything: fame, money, respect and a lot of affection from the fans. But it […]

The FCSG is in poor condition at GC

Super League GC performs FC St.Gallen – a peat festival to the detriment of Eastern Switzerland ends with a 2: 5 The situation for FC St.Gallen is becoming increasingly uncomfortable. In the 2: 5 against the Grasshoppers and the fourth defeat in a row, the team of coach Peter Zeidler presented itself in a worrying […]

A person wounded by gunshot in Molenbeek

An investigation has been opened and the circumstances have yet to be established. Slate Saturday afternoon, shots were fired. One person was injured in the leg. The facts took place around 4 p.m. in Molenbeek, indicates RTL Info. The spokesperson for the Brussels-West police zone confirmed the intervention of the anti-banditry squad: “The squad brought […]

Peace Coffee Bike | StaZ

Photo: Lupica Luminita World Coffee Day 2021 in Göggingen “> Photo: Lupica Luminita World Coffee Day 2021 in Göggingen Social welfare is an important structure that unites us all as human beings. The challenges of last year have shown that without human support we all suffer from isolation in everyday life and have to find […]