2021 – Nobody wanted to vote in the elections, Canada is leaning towards the status quo | David Moscrop

From the climate crisis to housing construction, the main parties’ policy adheres strictly to the liberal market economy script

The general election in Canada ends on September 20th. Throughout the campaign, the ruling liberals, led by Justin Trudeau, and the opposition Conservatives, led by Erin O’Toole, were neck and neck, exchanging leadership within the margin of error. The closest party, the New Democratic Party (NDP), is 10 points behind. A tight seat and a handful of close races could mean days before the final results become known.

From the first day of the campaign, the country saw itself as one important but unnecessary choice: important because it deals with monumental topics – climate policy, pandemic management and recovery, child care, health care, housing, overdose crisis, reconciliation of indigenous peoples and much more; unnecessary because the government could have continued to govern. But the Liberals had a minority government and wanted a majority. Trudeau claimed that Parliament was poisonous. It was not. And if the government had trouble passing laws, it was more because of their poor leadership of the House of Commons than the intransigence of the opposition, even in the face of a handful of robberies. So off to the races in the country.

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