I never thought we would get here. Damn, I never thought a million subscribers would be possible, so this feels unreal! Thank you all for your continued support! We did … .


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  1. Ever since I was a kid i was the biggest fan of all time and congrats i am from Egypt watching you since 7 and now i am 14 thank you for everything you did to make me happy

  2. Glad I've been a fan since 2013, I used to watch you guys everyday with my brother. I Remember when my mom said what clothes I wanted for Christmas I put a bunch of you guys merch, Thank you Fgteev Thank you for these 8 years I've been a fan. Congratulations on 20 million

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  4. We love you channel with all our heart we all smile to you're video and here is advice for you if any series that you enjoy making,playing don't make yourself stop like pokemon go some of us still like the series and it's fine if it unpopular or dying just do you like you said in the last pokemon go episode don't take negative thoughts from the comment the view the likes or your family judging you playing a old game just be you and you inspired me too do that and now I'm making a channel just like ur's and don't be afraid you dying or unpopular just be you and to do what you love to do and that's all good luck and congrats

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