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10. September 2021 – 16:41 clock

Dresden (dpa / sn) – According to a report by the “Leipziger Volkszeitung”, Saxony is currently missing 194 million euros for spending in the corona pandemic. The Ministry of Finance did not want to comment on the amount on Friday when asked, but referred to a cash fall for the cabinet. The ministry administers the fund to deal with the corona costs. Since the funds of the fund for the investment area are limited to 2.5 billion euros, there is “a need to adjust the priorities and measures that are considered necessary to cope with the corona pandemic,” it said: “It is all of us Responsibility to handle this loan-financed money very responsibly. “

“Corona containment must not fail due to a lack of money, regardless of whether it is about self-tests and air purification systems in schools or the financial situation of hospitals and student unions,” explained the left-wing politician Nico Brünler. The coalition must ensure the financing, if necessary with further loans. “Because of the negative interest rates, you can even earn money with it at the moment.”

The AfD drew a completely different conclusion. “The state government must finally use the red pencil. There is enough potential in Saxony. Because: More debts mean tax increases for all citizens and fueling the already worrying inflation,” emphasized the AfD financial expert André Barth. One should not burden the children with the debt. The AfD sees a savings option in asylum policy. In addition, they demand a general inventory of personnel requirements in the state administration.

Last year, Saxony had incurred new debts for the first time since 2005 to finance the corona burden. The constitution provides for this possibility if, for example, an emergency has to be mastered. The government was authorized to take out loans of up to six billion euros. 2.5 billion of this is earmarked for additional expenditure, the rest to compensate for the forecast tax shortfalls. According to information from CDU finance minister Hartmut Vorjohann, 3.6 billion euros in loans were approved by the beginning of August. You may not have to use the entire credit line, he said recently.

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Source: DPA


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