19 passengers have to leave the machine

19 passengers have to leave the machine
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Von: Franziska Kaindl

Due to bad weather conditions, an Easyjet airliner could not take off as planned. The solution: Some passengers should leave the plane.

Once you’re on the plane, you usually assume that nothing can go wrong – except maybe for a delay. But there is another way: Passengers on flight EZY3364 from Lanzarote to Liverpool were recently confronted with a problem that sounds unusual – the machine was too heavy for the departure.

Lanzarote: Easyjet plane is too heavy to take off

“How can that be?” one or the other may ask. The explanation for this is given by the pilot himself, as can be seen from a video that is circulating on social media. It was shared by the user “razza699”, among others. It shows how he speaks to the passengers and makes it clear that it’s not just the weight of the machine – the short runway at Lanzarote airport and the bad weather conditions also play a role: “Because safety is the top priority for us priority, there is no way to get the plane airborne in the current wind conditions. There are a number of factors – it’s very hot, the wind isn’t fantastic, the direction isn’t good.”

In order to be able to take off anyway, he exchanged views with those responsible at Easyjet and the solution was: The aircraft has to be lighter. “If possible I would like to ask up to 20 volunteers not to fly to Liverpool tonight,” the pilot said in the video. In order to give passengers an incentive to do so, the airline offered 500 euros to every passenger who should decide to stay on Lanzarote for the time being.

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19 volunteers leave Easyjet machine in Lanzarote

Like flight tracker data FlightAware show, the plane was finally able to take off that same evening – albeit with a delay of around one and a half hours. It took off at 11:24 p.m. instead of 9:45 p.m. and landed in Liverpool just after 3 a.m. Ultimately, 19 passengers accepted the airline’s offer, according to the local newspaper Liverpool Echo reported. A spokesman therefore confirmed that the volunteers switched to a later flight.


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